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Babys Heartbeat Lock Rss

I am 14 weeks and went to a appointment on Fri and Doc couldnt find heartbeat.He didnt seem worried,just curious when did you hear your baby....

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One of the reasons that we may not be able to hear the baby at that point is the position of the uterus or the position of the baby within the uterus.

Another reason is that many mothers have an additional layer of fat just above the pubic bone, and this is the area we listen through when we are looking for a very small baby at around 12 weeks. Sometimes it can be difficult to locate the baby or hear the fetal heartbeat when you are listening through a little extra padding. In addition, the position of the placenta may interfere with the audio.

With DS i got a hearbeat at 12weeks (but i was size 8) My friend is big girl and they couldnt pick it up until 16 weeks. (Sorry im trying not to be rude but it can make a big difference)
i never got to hear it till about 22 weeks at the hospital. plus my gp would not try till i was more then 20weeks

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The midwife at the antenatal clinic couldn't find it at 11 weeks and 4 days, my GP found it at 14 weeks, then again at 18 weeks, then I had to see another GP a few days later and she couldn't find it! Luckily I had my scan the next day or I would have been freaking out.

But at 14 weeks, it took the GP about 10 minutes and a lot of patience to find it. The midwife at the clinic told me before she did it that it may be to early to find it so we shouldn't stress.

I agree with KW60F2 - everything she said is right. So try not to stress to much!

Best of luck

Love Kyz
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