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Expressing Antenatally Lock Rss

My midwife has suggested I start expressing (just by hand) now (i'm 38+5), so have been doing it for 3 days - first day I didn't keep any, just had a practice lol. Have got a couple of mls over last 2 days which are now in the freezer for when he's born.

Just wondering if anyone else has done it/heard about it and if so how much you get/got?

There is info on the net if you want to search for it, seems to be particularly good for babies of GD mums as that couple of extra mls can help with hypos etc after birth. I don't have GD, but had lots of probs with DS1, fed DS2 but milk slow to come in and never a huge supply, also both boys had jaundice - so again a little extra fluid to help flush them out.

i had a pre term bub and started with hand expressing for two day, it sucked then she put me on the medulla pumps. it took about 4 days for milk supply to come in. it beats hand expressing.
He also had jaundice and had to go under the lights twice.
it probably a good idea to start it early that way when bub comes your quite familiar with how it works and you have a stock built up for when you want to get out of the house for a bit.
I also donated bm to the cancer section of the hospital we were in. It was for studies they were doing for prostate cancer.
man i thought they were crazy at the hospital when they said to start doing it form 36 weeks. I have slight GD and they told all of us in the group to do it. I really dont know if i wanna do it but

Kaleb almost 7, and Zayne 3. and 4 weeks with numb

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