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Leg Cramps Lock Rss

Well last night i had my first leg cramp, woke up screaming geez they hurt.

Hopefully i don't get to many of these.

When i turn in my sleep i stretch my legs out which is the worst thing i could do, but i can't help it.

I drink 2 - 3 lts of water a day, and 1 banana a day is there any others foods that help prevent leg cramps...

My leg is really sore today sad
is that all you eat...

maganisum (spelling) helps.. i get bad leg cramps i find a few chicken crinkle cut chips help!
try adding powerade or other salts drink (like gastrolyte - but its yuck!) my ob said tonic water but I hate it so I took calcium magnesium supplements and I always found an extra source or so of calcium helped too like eating yoghurt or a big glass of milk etc.
good luck! I think they are one of the worst things about pregnancy!


lol yes i eat more than just water and a banana i was just mentioning the things that they say stop cramps lol i'd be a stick if i just ate 1 banana aday lol thats funny
hi pebbles11
i get cramp often and it was definately worse when i was preggers(i have 5)
my doc suggested that i take a daily dose of calcium as i have had many pregnancies and the calcium in my bones would have gone to help produce the bubs, (i also have arthritis in my jaw and calcium also helps this.) it's good for bubs too.
now every day i take a high dose of prescribed calcium 1000mg and i don't have cramp anymore.
worth a try, you can get tablet or effervescent discs that you add to water. i suggest you get some or go to doc and check with him first.
magnesium and calcium tablets can be bought also, sometimes diet alone won't fix it. think of it as being anemic but with other nutrients and not iron.
best of luck
Thanks for the replys..

I'll have a chat to my doctor if they become a common occurance "fingers crossed they don't"..

I had leg cramps so bad with both of mine and my Dr said to take calcium tablets and they worked really well.

is that all you eat...

maganisum (spelling) helps.. i get bad leg cramps i find a few chicken crinkle cut chips help!

hi yeah i was put on maganisum salts in my last pregnancy by the dr and they worked great i then handed them on to my sis inlaw and they helped her also

Kaleb almost 7, and Zayne 3. and 4 weeks with numb

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