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Heartburn post Child Birth Lock Rss

Hi all

I had bad heart burn throughout my pregnancey and ended up using medication to control it. Our baby was born 11 days ago and just in the last couple of days I have started getting heartburn again....has anyone else experienced this??

I thought the heartburn was ment to go away as soon as the baby arrived!

Any thoughs or ideas would be appreciated

hello there,

Sorry to hear that you're still in discomfort sad

I also had really bad heartburn and gastro oesophageal reflux during pregnancy and was put on ranitadine.

After the pregnancy it did stop, however, about a fortnight afterwards I started experiencing pain like heart burn but MUCH more severe - I thought i was having a heart attack!! Turned out to be gall stones - they are very closely linked to pregnancy and can occur after the birth in varying degrees of pain and discomfort. Not saying it is, but just be mindful cos I had no idea what it was either - I thought it was severe heart burn to start with.

All the best, and congrats on your bubba smile
does the heartburn sensation go away when you take heartburn medication (mylanta/gaviscon etc)? if it doesn't it may be gallstones like the pp suggested. I developed gallstones after DD's birth and the first way the hospital diagnosed it was to give me some mylanta (or some other type of liquid antacid) and when that didn't make any difference to the pain I was feeling they said it was probably gallstones and sent me for an ultrasound to confirm.

Hi there,

I too suffered from very bad heartburn while pregnant. Mine went away after the baby was born, but that lasted a whole 2 weeks or so! It kept up for about a year or so, till i went to the doc for the third time or so, and she finally gave me a referal to get a gastroscopy. Turns out I have a hiatal hernia, and that is what causes the reflux / heartburn. Apparantly i got it from pregnancy, so i would go to the docs if it keeps up, better to get checked out! Im now on medication which i have to take everyday, but i dont get hearburn anymore!
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