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Gestational Diabetes Lock Rss

Hey Everyone

Just have a few questions on GD. Im a bit paranoid as I was overweight before I fell pregnant. Since falling pregnant I have probably only put on 2 kgs, my OB asked me at our last appt if I was dieting?! Not likely! Anyways Im a bit scared I will develop GD.
Anyone out there who was overweight and didnt develop GD? Can I request a test to be done with my OB or will they only do the test if they think I may have it? And also anyone who has had GD did you have any symptoms?

Thanks for any info and advice in advance smile

Hey I wasnt overweight though I got GD.. They give you a glucose test around the 27wk mark, and that will determine if you have it.. I didnt get any symptoms..
Hope that helps smile

I got it sad

I was only a little overweight (in my mind) i was a size 12 but a bit of a belly from all the wine i used to drink!

I never had any symptoms apart from craving choc & sweets which i thought was part of the pregnancy, one day everyone at work was laughing at me cos my lips were blue from eating a family bag of MnM's, I am also over 30 which is a risk factor.

i dont have to take insulain but i have to monitor my levels with a finger prick test and had to change my diet to low gi foods

Can wait to have red wine & Choc again, oh and ham, beautiful ham!!
I am definately overweight and got GD in my first pregnancy but not in my second. I put it down to more exercise in second pregnancy. My advise don't worry until you have to.
hi i've GD three times now and i'm a smallish girl and only ate low gi foods and exercise 1/2hr each day and work f/t.
I have my Clucose challenge test in a few weeks time, and Im a bit concerned...

I have been trying my best to eat healthy and cut out the junk food (im just a sucker for McDonalds fries, chips and ice cream lately) and im wondering if what i eat decides on wether or not I end up with GD?? any help anyone??

I take Elevit every day and i am always on my feet working/housework etc..

How bad is the blood tests for GD?? I am pertified of needles and really not looking forward to being drained dry again. sad
It has nothing really to do with what you eat it's your body and how it breaks up the sugars thats the issue. But it is believed that the hormones produced during pregnancy increase a woman's resistance to insulin, resulting in impaired Glucose intolerence.
i have it once again this is my 3rd pregnancy, i got tested at 16 weeks and my levels were borderline. Im now testing my levels 6 times a day and have to inject insulin at night (no big drama). Its the carbs that cause the problems. And a sign i had is that i needed to drink lots of water and i would feel foggy and not be able to focus, but i have also read that it makes you go to the bathroom alot lol (but who dont when they are pregnant?). Oh and the test is no different to any blood test you get in pregnancy

Kaleb almost 7, and Zayne 3. and 4 weeks with numb

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