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could labour be close? Lock Rss

i know my body is preparing its self for labour!!! but could it be closer then my due date. im 37 weeks pregnant, I can hardly walk, i need to go to the toilet like every 10 mins and hardly anything comes out. My baby is 4 fifths engaged and i keep getting these electirc shocks feelings in my vagina what are they, they really hurt and its a real struggle to get dressed and sleep at night.I have also been having alot of b/h im getting more and more each day and their getting more and more uncomfatable. I had my son at 35 weeks due to my waters leaking at 34 weeks and got induced so i dont really remember having all of this with my son. sorry for all the complaining.
Hi i remember the weeing thing it was so annoying, and it started around 36 wks for me. my dd wasnt born till 40 plus 2 so i dont know about the labour coz i had been in slight labour for 2 days b4 i woke to my waters breaking and hard on contractions straight away... =) Good luck...

I get the shooting pains too, my midwife said that this is bubs pressing on a nerve

I was like this since 34wks. Miss S wasn't born until 41 wks! Your body is doing all the right things to prepare you smile
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