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Birds while Pregnant ??? Lock Rss

I am 16 weeks pregnant

and i was thinking of gettin my son a bird or 2, prob only a budgie or cockatiel or peach faced parrot is it safe to have a bird while preg??

there are a few nasties you can get from birds but they are a risk (low) whether you are pregnant or not.
If you follow sensible hygiene you shouldn't have any issues.

google will help you.
Hi i just bird sat for my parents while they were away and i looked up all the info i could. I found that if your birds are checked by a vet and all clear you should be safe but they also say you should get someone else to clean the cage if possible.
birds are fine during pregnancy if you follow all the usual hygiene precautions with pets. there is a parasite/mite that is transferred from birds to humans but its not very common and it will happen regardless of pregnancy.
just make sure you look into what kind of bird and what it needs etc before committing to buy one. they are noisy and need a decent sized cage regardless of breed and like everything else, need a lot of attention to become and stay tame and friendly.
we have had birds our whole life and the ones that were given free flight of the house/a room, and were hand-reared and given lots of attention made beautiful pets. the ones that just sit in cages and screech all day like the ones at my mums house are just bloody annoying lol
good luck smile
I own 14 birds and I'm the only one who looks after them. I use gloves when cleaning out food/water bowls and cages. smile

peach face (lovebirds) are very screechy and are good at escaping.
Cockatiels if hand reared need a lot of attention and handling.
Budgies (get two) are your best bet.
I have no idea if they are safe or not..sorry,but we have 3 birds,and I would recommend a green cheek conure(handraised)they are fabulous little birds,with heaps of character.If you look on petlink they always have someone with some.
I hand raised ours from a tiny pink bird,and she is gorgeous.
Hi, I worked in a petshop until recently, plus I have several animals at home here (as you do when you work with animals). We also live on a farm. The only animals strictly off limits were kittens (for the toxo) and sheep and lambs during lambing season.

I have handled every other type of animal while pregnant and have to agree with mostly everyone here, it's about hygiene. I keep hand sanitiser beside my bird cage and use it after handling them, plus I have gloves, and routinely wash my hands. I wouldn't handle the birds or be too stringent with cleaning the cage if you have an open wound on your hand however, as bacteria can easily get in (this is when those kitchen gloves come in handy). Other than that you should be fine.

Budgies are great as they are cheap and can be trained to do tricks and talk, are small and don't make too much mess. I think they have real personality but then I like all birds.
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