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Not Happy with OB Lock Rss

That sux!!! What hospital is that...I'll be sure not to use it...LOL
How annoying! But I'm sure if they could make it happen for you, they would. Let's just hope you go in to labour sooner and they have no choice but to do the ceasar then. smile Good luck!
oh man i was asked if i wanted to go natural after my first and i said no (baby was way to big) and now when it came to me having number 3 they said they would book me in but now im having trouble cause the baby is measuring 3.5 weeks ahead of my dates so im stuck in limbo. i was booked for 39 weeks with number 2 and went into natural labour at 38 weeks so i had an emergancy c section in the end

Kaleb almost 7, and Zayne 3. and 4 weeks with numb

Well I am extremely annoyed with Public Hospitals.

When I first found out I was pregnant with second child, I mentioned to my doctor that I wanted a caesar, I had to have one with the first, he refered me to the ob who basically wanted me to have a VBAC instead, as there was no supporting evidence why my first had to be a caesar she never gave me the option and nothing was booked in, I also wanted a caesar due to hubby working away and unable to get holidays around the time I was due. I was supposed to be refered to another OB but never was until now, now I have been told at 39 weeks that I need to have a caesar as there is only a 40% chance he will come out naturally. This has been booked in for 11 days away and cannot be done sooner due to them being booked up, and my husband is going to miss the whole dam thing. They cannot put it back another week due to it being too late. If only I had been listened to at my first OB appointment.I am so annoyed.

firstly congrats on your pregnancy, sorry to hear about the drama....
thinking of you & your partner and baby
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