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2 Friends, 2 due dates !! Lock Rss

Thought id share this with everyone because I thought that it was pretty darn cool...

I have a wide circle of friends that are preggo at the moment as am I (20 weeks)

2 of my friends just had their baby and both of them were born on their due date ... HA how is that for classy!! Doesnt happen to often and Ive seen it happen twice this year already ... AMAZING!!


haha awesome.
hope they share the 'arrive on time' dust with you!

they could have shared some with me too lol, little man was 12 days overdue
My DS was born on his due date at 2pm, my contractions start earlier that morning at 3 minutes past midnight so everything started and finished on the day that he was due. I couldn't believe it!

There is a report produced by AIHW called mothers and babies which shows that most babies are born in the 40th week - the percentage was quite a bit higher than any other week. It surprised me!! It would be interesting to know how many babies are actually born on their due date.

My second child was a week late! I was so bummed when she didn't arrive on her due date, mainly because I realised that I had to wait!

I'm kind of hoping this one comes on the earlier side this time, just to say that I've experienced all three possibilities. BUT not too early, he's got plenty of cooking to do yet.
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