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Overdue Rss

hi ladies..well im officially overdue were you (if at all) and what brought on your labour??
DS came 3 days over, DD2 came on her due date smile

I think bouncing on a fitball, loads of sex, evening primrose oil capsules if you've been taking those all work, but your body needs to be ready too, fingers crossed bub does not make you wait much longer!

hi ladies..well im officially overdue were you (if at all) and what brought on your labour??

15 days over. didnt really do anything, just walked a lot and she arrived on the morning of the day i was due to be induced.

Hi hun and I feel your pain. I was overdue 1 week with DS4, and I was induced. He was posterior and wasnt sitting on my cervix so I wasnt dialating.

If all is good I was told try the 3 H's - hot food, hot bath, hot sex in that order. But my midwife varied it saying to give yourself a little buzz in the bath and make sure your partner gives yourself an extra buzz and some nipple action with the ending course... TMI lol lol lol.

My husband spend 15 minutes doing the nipple stimulation and I went in for a day before it all settled down when bub bounced back up. He was just determined to not come out lol.

Goodluck and I hope as you read this it all just starts to happen.
DD1 was 8 days over, DD2 will no doubt be overdue to lol. My mum went 17 days over with me (glad its not still the '80s)
We tried everything to brng labour on went and walked around the shopping centre for 6 hrs, tried the sex thing tried spicy food nothing worked. Had a check when I was 1 week over and the nurse did an internal which mad me have the "show" but I was having contractions so was in the very early stages.

Hoping your bundle of joy arrives soon, but they will come when they are ready grin
DS was 13 days over, he was due to be induced the next day - which I really didn't want. I didn't do anything to start labour though, except for crossing my fingers!!
Hope your lil bub comes soon!
i was 40 weeks and 5 days overdue. my son came out with peeling skin and the longest finger/toe nails you have every seen.
the obs/gyno said "he was def in there for far too long"
The dates were what the "hospital" said i was not my dates. by my dates he was about 12 days overdue.
Just wanted to mention...
I went to a childbirth education class the other night (my first) and the speaker lady (is a midwife) said that the full term is normally 41 weeks now. Most of us were like "huh" and she said they have changed the naming of 'due date' to ... something else. Oops i cant remember but she pushed the fact that the date given is only an estimate and not a definate!
Makes it feel like pregnancy will go on forever LOL
Sorry , i know your probly at the stage now where you just want to have bub ( i know i am and im 34 weeks LOL )
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx fingers crossed she makes an appearance soon smile

Hi hun and I feel your pain. I was overdue 1 week with DS4, and I was induced. He was posterior and wasnt sitting on my cervix so I wasnt dialating.

Same here! grin Bub wasn't posterior but def not the right position.. I had to be standing or sitting upright the whole labour to get me to dilate cos bub was just 'floating around' in there.. Midwife told me that that it was typical for a 5th bub.. Something I did not know.. smile

Anyway, back on topic wink
Def know how you feel.. I was 10 days over with my last one and she seemed determined to stay in there.. I tried everything (except castor oil) and after a 5 hour shopping trip followed by an 'intimate night' with DP wink that night I went into labour..

All but one of my pregnancies were late though.. my DS3 was born on his due date smile The only thing I ever felt could work was sex or nipple stimulation.. Every single time it definitely brought on something but more often than not the pain just fizzled as I relaxed. Maybe you could try both and THEN go for a long long walk??

GL really hope bubs make an arrival soon! smile

DD was 6days over due, im hoping i dont go over again this time!
sorry but i haven't found anything to work to bring on the bub.
dd was 10 days over after being induced, ds was 7 days over after having a 'stretch and sweep' done, sorta started things but then they stopped. my m/w has told me to not expect to go before i'm atleast 7 days over again with this one (currently 37wks).

have tried caster oil (would not recommend to anyone!!!), sex, hot food, lots of walking, massage, foot reflexology. I have come to think that bub will only start the labour when its ready to come out and also when your body is ready.

my m/w recommended eating a whole pineapple everyday from the due date (i can just get through a few pieces let alone a whole one), she's the one who also told me about acupuncture.

however having said that this time round i'm going to start evening primrose oil capsules when i hit 38wks, have a preg massage booked for this fri and if all else fails i may give acupuncture a go when i hit 39 wks (heh you never know wink ).

goodluck grin

Cassy n Matty

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