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Biiiig baby!! Lock Rss

Im 38 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. Midwife was getting concerned why he wasnt engaging and kept telling me (much to my dislike) how big he was. I went for a growth scan today and the scan man said my child was definetly a brute! yes a brute!! he said my child was a brute!! and said he was 4.9 kilos!! thats almost 11 pound and i still have 2 weeks till im due!!

I have been incredibly incredibly sore during this pregnancy but my first was only 7 pound 12 so he was pretty average.

And the horrible thing is i cant even be induced because my first son was a c section.

Theyve told me if i couldnt fit an almost 8 pounder out thats why this baby isnt engaging because he physically cant which means no VBAC for me.

Im going to the hospital on tuesday to get booked in for a c section.

11 pounds!!! is he even going to fit newborn clothes? i have so many!!!
OMG!!! lets hope they're all wrong and bubs isnt quite that big. i was told at 41weeks that my boy weighed in at 8pound11....nope they were wrong. he was born at 41+5 weighing only 7pound9.

11pound will definately not fit newborn clothes...unfortunately......he might be a short wee bubba and fit newborn with length bt not around the tummy...or be a long bubba and not fit in length but will fit around the tummy.
My SIL was told her bub was already 10lb at 38 weeks but she was born only 7lb 10oz..
Hopefully they have it wrong.. Though it may be disappointing to be declined the VBAC to only have a small baby anyway.. :/

Don't panic. My DS was born weighing 10lb. For weeks the OB had been telling me he was going to be big, and I was not even allowed to attempt a natural delivery. He was beautiful and fit into 0000 clothes for the first few weeks.
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