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Baby's heartrate Lock Rss

Hey all

Just wondering, how low have your babies heartrates been and still classed as 'normal'?
I am currently 24 weeks with my third pregnancy and had my check up this morning to which I can say all is going beautifully! smile
Anyway baby's HR was low at only 115 bpm. The MW was not at all concerned about this and said it was fine and normal, but both of my boys had 'maximum of normal' heartrates and were always well above the 150's and my DS1's even reaching 170's most of the time. So this low reading is new to me and I was wondering what the 'normal range' is? Just out of curiousity mainly, I am not concerned as the middie wasnt but just for my own knowledge does anyone know? I figure bub was likely to be sleeping or maybe is just more chilled out then its big brothers! wink
wow that's low O_O I thought mine was high at 157 and then dropped to 149, not sure what today's was i might check and then edit.
Has it always been low throughout the pregnancy? If so than it is probably normal, maybe a girl this time which explains the difference.

If it is normally higher ie. in the 150's until now I would push further to speak with the doctor looking after you. My baby had a high heart rate throughout the pregnancy and then the week before I was due to be induced my babies movements weakened and when i was put on the monitor the heart rate was lower than usual. The MW wasn't concerned but I was as I knew this was not normal for this pregnancy. I ended up being induced the next day because the placenta was starting to break down. My baby's HR was on average 120 but went down to 105 the day before i was induced.

I guess what I'm saying is don't worry if it's normal for this pregnancy for you but go with your gut if it's not.
When I was in for my 12 week scan 6 weeks ago I was talking to the sonographer about heatrates and was saying how my previous baby DS's heatrate was 134 at my 12 week scan and he said he would be worried if it was that low, and my pregnancy before that with my DD her heartrate at 7 weeks was only 107 and the doctor told me I could lose her because the heart rate was so low. If the heart rate is below 130 most doctors would check again with a follow up doppler after 30 mins just to check if it had changed. I don't want to scare you but from everything I have been told and this being my 4th pregnancy I would ask to be checked again just to keep an eye on it. But all my pregnancy's have progressed and been healty babies even with their low heart rates.
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