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No weight gain at 12 weeks Lock Rss

Hi girls,
i'm 12 weeks and haven't lost or gained any weight. From what i've read you're supposed to have gained a little bit by now and I did with my first pregnancy, just wondering what your experiences were/are ??

Could just be because i'm eating more fruit and less chocolate and cake (hehe) than I did with DS.
Hey there,

I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was 13 weeks.
And up until then I had LOST 3 kgs because of the extra exercising I had been doing and changing my eating habits.

Little did I know that it was benifitting my little jellybean too! hehe

I'm now 20 weeks and have only gained another 1.5kg since finding out.

So in total i've still lost 1.5kg since the begining of my pregnancy.
I will admit I was a little on the heavier side anyways so this isn't a bad thing and my midwife is happy with the weight I am.

As long as your not underweight and everything else is testing positive.
Blood pressure etc. I wouldn't worry too much smile
With DD I did put on weight but I had been doing a really strict diet (Cohens) so went back to normal eating.
With DS I didnt put on any at all throughout the whole pregnancy and weighed less after giving birth than before pregnancy.
As long as you are eating properly and not loosing too much weight then you are fine.

I lost weight for the first 16 weeks. its perfectly fine.. i would only be worried if you got to week 30 and hadnt gained any weight smile
I only started to gain around 20 weeks. I am 38 +4 now and have been steady on 10kgs in total for the past 3 weeks. According to most of the readings you don't need to put on weight in the first trimester. Just depends on cravings/morning sickness etc whether you will or not.

I didn't get sick, or have cravings.
Just to add to the already reassuring posts I didn't start putting on weight until about 24 weeks so I wouldn't be worried about it at all smile
I lost weight during my first trimester about 4 kgs... not because o being sick but just because i was eating better for me and bubba.. i started gaining weight at about 25 weeks and now have gone back over my pre pregnancy weight and bubbas growing strong grin I dont think you have anything to worry about smile
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