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1 twin ivf & 1 twin natural Lock Rss

Just want to share my pregnancy story. I am currently pregnant with twins. We are totally excited with this news. The only puzzling thing is that we went through IVF to concieve, as we did with my 1st daughter. We only put one embryo in. Then at a scan done at 6 weeks we found out we were having twins. I guess we assumed that the egg had split. Then at the 12 week scan they said that they were in separate sacs, therefor impossible to be one egg split.
Now we know that one is a boy and one a girl. So without a doubt one is IVF and one natural. It gives me a headache trying to figue out how this happened.
Just wondering if anyone has experienced this or even heard of it before.

mia''''s mum

Congratulations. That is exciting news for you. I have never heard of it before, would make a good story for all of the magazines!!!
pm'd you

Wow thats amazing!!! Congrats by the way,how exciting.Ive never heard of it before but I suppose miracles do happen.
Hi, I have a friend who had fertility treatment, she was told by the dr for her and her hubby to smile smile smile at a certain time, they did, and ended up with triplets.......all concieved on different days!!
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