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Boys Middle Name Lock Rss

Hi, looking for some suggestions for our baby boys name

We have picked Bodhi for the first name and his last name will be Ellis

We already have two boys

Will Harrison (Will is after my grandfather)
Riley Matthew (Matthew is my husbands name)

Since Bodhi is a short first name like Will and Riley we would like a long middle name to match. We dont have any good names in our family history that work. I really like Oliver, Jack and James but they're too short. I suggested Jackson but my husband doesnt like it. I love anything like Harrison (a strong name that is also a last name).

Any ideas??
Also I would like to use a name beginning with a letter we havent used yet.
So we have W, H, R, M & B used

Just to be difficult!!

Something tells me a J or C name??
lol At least you know what you want smile my SIL knew exactly what she wanted too and had us all working on it through her pregnancy smile


Bodhi (is awesome)

I like:

Bodhi Alexander
Bodhi Chester
Bodhi Johnathon
Bodhi Jamison
Bodhi Cailen

Good Luck smile
I really like Jackson but prefer it to be spelt jaxon
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