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What is wrong with me? Rss

Ok so I still have the tightness in my lower belly all day.... especially when I get up to go for a walk I can't stand up straight, my back is sore anyway I am at work and can't get comfortable. My feet are elevated but are swollen so bad I think my skin is gonna burst!

Anyone else had these symptoms? I have called the Birthing Unit, reckon nothing is wrong!

Hey hun. GBH! My feet aren't too bad today but my back is sad Mine feels like the top half of my body and the lower half of my body are two seperate pieces and they connected in the middle by a very flimsy box that gets crushed everytime I try and stand. The pain in my left leg is also so bad today that it gives out if I try and put my full weight on it. Is that anything like what you are experiencing? The only thing I have found that helps my back pain is at night I lay on my side and DH puts his knee right on the sore spot (which is dreadfully swollen), holds my shoulders and gently pushes on my back until I say stop. It seems to spread out the pain and make it less intense IYKWIM. Anyway, I feel for you babe I really do! When is your next visit at the hospital? Hope you feel better asap
I have the sciatic nerve pressure and it is killing me. I have been taught how to move the bub coz he is pressing but it isn't working.

I just feel like s*** (sorry)!!!!

I finish work at the end of the week but I am struggling not just being uncomfortable but I could go to sleep.

My next hospital visit is 4th January!

I can see we are due around the same time. Where are you booked into, if you don't mind me asking?


That's really awful for you to have to go through. Not only in general but also in your last week of work and this close to Christmas sad Pregnancy really puts a strain on your entire mind and body hey sad is this your first?

No need to be sorry for feeling like that - I can completely understand. I am at that stage now where I hate myself and I feel useless and fat and disgusting. I hope that you have skipped the emotional meltdown seeing as you are in so much pain sad

Is there anyway you could work half days until you finish? or just finish now instead? I can't imagine being in yours shoes. What do you do for work? I am sure that the doc would give you a medical cert or something saying you can finish earlier? Sounds like you really need a break!!

Mine is the 6th of January! Is there nothing else that the midwives or docs can do for you? I know in some cases when women are in exceptional amounts of pain or having a really bad time they will consider inducing you early. Wouldn't be until 38 - 39weeks but its something to ask about anyway perhaps?

Yeah we must be almost exactly a week apart! I am booked in with Amity Care through Redcliffe Hospital in brisbane. Where abouts are you booked into?

Yeah this is my first.... I already took a sickie yesterday and I am about to go home any minute.

I feel fat and horrible too... I was a tiny 55kg when I fell pregnant and am 77kg now.... yuck, I hate it.

I live in Sydney and am booked into Westmead.


Hi guys, I'm about the same stage as well (33 weeks tomorrow) & feel exactly the same way, just over being pregnant. libub does the swelling go down overnight at all?


at least your work seems to be a little understanding! That's a positive! #1 hey! Well a belated congrats to you! It would be pretty hard to be excited atm though huh.

I can understand why the weight gain would bother you. I was 75kg to start out with and am now heading to 85kg and I am the same - I hate it! Hopefully it is easy enough for you to lose though and you get back to a size that you are happy with relatively quickly smile

Sydney hey! How is the weather down there? Is it as hot and muggy as it is up here because I am sure that is half my problem lol.

Do you have a big christmas planned or are you going to be lucky and get some rest in there too?
Hi RobinS

Glad I am not the only one going throught this... I do feel for you too! The swelling only sometimes goes down, my fingers are stiff throughout the night... how about you?


P.S. Congrats, is this #1 for you?

Hi Lilly, so far I've only had any major swelling when I've overdone it during the day and mine's usually gone by morning. I have had to take my engagement ring off a couple of weeks back though as my fingers had started to swell to the point it wasn't comfortable to wear it anymore.

With your fingers stiffening as well I'd definitely be giving the hospital a call and telling them your concerned about it & see if there is anyway they can fit you in for a earlier appointment or see if you can get in to see your GP. Swelling at this stage of pregnancy is perfectly normal but it can be a sign of something more serious as well.

And thanks smile, this is bub no 3 for me, I have a 3yo DS & 2 yo DD already.


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