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Gestational Diabetes Lock Rss

Hi, any mums to be with Gest. Diabetes?

Emily, NT, EDD June 24th

yep i got it and the docs got me on insulan and im 35 weeks

Kaleb almost 7, and Zayne 3. and 4 weeks with numb

Hi girls,
I got my results back and i am all clear sugar level is fine. Now all i worry about is a big baby as weight of the baby at a scan at 26.5 wks was of a 28.5 wk, we thought we should be at the 28.5 wk but 1st scan at 8.5 wks said no, so lets hope and prey. Thanks to all your mums for your own experiences, though i will still watch what i eat and i think weet bix will be given a miss.
Good luck to all you other mums.

dd 4/4/05 due 3/9/06

Hi mums, i posted a response 2 wks ago when i thought i had it but test was told neg. But had appt with dr and was told it was border line and had to do it all again and suprise i have it, at 9.7 is this really high. I have an appt with the diet person next week, and a scan to see how big baby is already know he is big at 26.5 wk scan was size of a 28.5 wks i am no 30.5 and worried.
How many of you are on the diet? and it is not as though i eat crap all the time if anything i am better then last time when i did not have it.
Love to hear some responses and does this mean maybe the baby will come early or be induced early?

moan dd 4/4/05 due 3/9/06
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