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6 weeks to go... Lock Rss

I can't believe how quick time flies! Have only 6 weeks left and haven't done anything yet! Have got a nursery just sitting there with nothing put together or ready. Still haven't set the cot up, haven't picked up my pram, have no car seat, still need to find all the cot linen and wash it, and a million other things to do. Have got dishes and washing piled up every day, but just have no energy whatsoever. When does the nesting instinct kick in, coz I desperately need some energy!!! sad

don't worry your not alone.
i haven't done anything and don't have the energy i'm hoping hubby will do it.

don't worry your not alone.
i haven't done anything and don't have the energy i'm hoping hubby will do it.

I wouldn't count on getting any help around my house! I scream, huff, don't do anything, blackmail, bribe, all the tricks in the book, but it's still up to me to do everything. Oh well, I suppose that's my job! tongue

ohhh yeh I am hearing you!

Our problem here is we are in the midst of renovations (crazy!) and have just realised that the room we are building will not be done in 6 weeks which means bub is now in with us so have had to create space in our built in and our chest of drawers to find somewhere to put his/her things! argh, what a mission! But I have not done anything either, no clothes washed, no cot set up, pram still being stored in fil's shed! I havent even bought maternity or breast pads or anything! lol, anyway your not alone!

I have however washed a lot of walls in OTHER rooms, lol, guess I am nesting in the wrong areas! mellow

Been in that situation before!! lol

I was no where near prepared with DS2, cot was not set up until 36 weeks, all clothes were not washed until day before DS2 was born at 38 weeks! gasp

Car seat wasn't in car until the afternoon we took DS home! blink

With this bub I can't prepare for another couple of weeks as we are moving into our new house late January/early Feb...
(Hoping it'll be sooner! smile)

Best of luck to you all with the rest of your pregnancy and preparations! smile
its good to know I'm not the only one! I am now babysitting 4 other kids plus my own, so don't think I'll have time to do anything until after New Year's now anyway, as kids will be using nursery as a bedroom/separation room until they go back home! My wardrobe is full to bursting with most of the babies stuff, to the point I nearly brain myself every time I open the closet doors!!! Oh to have a hubby that is actually willing to help out!!

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