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How can you not know? Lock Rss

I don't get it either, I knew I was pregnant and I was only 4 weeks!! Though I like to think I'm quite in-tune with my body. But I have known some women who had not known until they hit about 12-16 weeks, but I would've thought that by 20 weeks they would have to know SOMETHING was not quite right with their body and visit their doctor, even the ones who are still having a period. I do think that they are in some kind of denial and pass off the kicks and punches, movements and even leaky breasts down to other more acceptable reasons other than a baby. But I guess it is possible, anything is, i just don't get how they couldn't add it all up to equal baby.

NO IDEA! I always wonder about this when a story comes up of an unexpected baby being born. I have known both times I was pregnant at 6 weeks. If you never missed a period, I could understand it might take you a little longer to figure it out, but the movement I've felt from my babies could never have been mistaken for wind, or not noticed. So many clues occur when you are pregnant, I don't know how you could not realise at all for 9 months. Very strange! smile

i know someone who didnt know she was pregnant until her water broke.

she was on medication for something that said side effects similar to that of pregnancy, and she just thought she was putting on weight which i think was a side effect anyways.
but i still dont understand how she didnt feel the baby kick.
i guess some babys dont move as much as others and if u dont think ur pregnant u might pin it down to something else.
I had a friend who didn't know untill she'd had the baby. She never put on much weight and didn't really show even at the end. She went to hospital with back pains and came out with a baby. She did suspect it however and went to the doctor but as she failed the pee on a stick test multiple times the doctor told her no you are definately not pregnant.
When I was in the hospital having my son there was a lady who came in who didn't know she was having a baby right then. She wasn't big and she looked like I did at about 5 months - barely showing. She had been on the pill the whole time and still got her periods. I can't understand how women can't feel the baby moving but maybe as someone else said they must all move differently. Her and her husband were definitely in shock!
At the age of 20 years old I had my daughter - the day I had her was the day I found out I was pregnant!!
It was a massive shock - and I had always read about it happening in magazines but never thought it would happen to me!! I don't like telling a lot of people about it as most people don't believe me.
I had my period the whole time and my Dr told me I carried her low in my back which could also understand why I didn't really feel any kicks?!
I was living at home at the time and my family saw me every day and they also didn't think I was pregnant.
When I had my daughter once she had been looked over the Drs said she was about 6 - 8 weeks early - she was very tiny -skinny but long!!
My DD stayed in the hospital for 8 weeks after her birth - if I was not there with her I was at home or in town getting ready for her to come home. My family and extended family was great they helped me out so much - It was a great story for her to dad to tell to start with then after her first birthday we never heard from him.
It was very hard to start with not to mention the shock of now having a new born - my family all commented how I changed instantly and my DD became my world!!!
She is now 10 years old!!
While I knew that I was pregnant with my second daughter quite early on, I hardly felt any kicks at all during my pregnancy and what I did feel were very faint. My OBG told me that this was expected as my placenta was at the front of my uterus and so acted as a buffer from me feeling my baby's kicks. If I hadn't been pregnant before I wouldn't have realised that what I was feeling was a baby kicking.
For me this is a funny story, for most it scares them. I did find out I was pregnant at 21 weeks, I was 19 and on depo-provera for over a year. I always had it on time and had not had a period since the first injection. So after travelling overseas and being sick the whole time i thought id get a check up from my gp. There had been an outbreak of denghi fever in fiji and I had been bitten. He cleared me of that within a few minutes, when he felt my stomach my son had kicked his hand. Shocked as we both were he checked for the heartbeat just to be sure. And there it was, worst of all he truly thought it was twins as it sounded like two seperate beats. He told me to book an urgent ultrasound knowing i was at least 21 weeks and hadnt been through the routine checks. At the ultrasound they found only one very healthy baby, and all looked good. I was lucky to have a healthy little boy a mere 17 weeks later. Thankfully my sister had a 9 month old son and I got a few things before he came. It was a much "faster" pregnancy then my other two. I am glad it happened, even if it wasnt expected.
With my first son I did not know I was pregnant till over 6 months....... my periods were regular for the first time in my life,I was only unexplainedly sick on one occasion which I put down to the work I was doing and the heat, no kicks no indication at all. Then I noticed after a shower one day a liquid oozing out of my breasts and went to the doctors at top speed and was confirmed there and there and sent for some immediate scans. All was well until about 6 weeks later (oh and its amazing what you can get organised in 6 weeks)when one night I spent awake all night on the couch with the most severe case of indigestion (I thought) ever ..... my sons sperm donerarrived home and he rang my mum and then went out (nice hey!!) she rushed me to hospital and they proceded to break my waters (sperm doner arrived just in time after several phone calls) and my son was born 6 weeks premmie .... he needed to stay in for a while as he had to be force fed but I was able to leave after five days.

Thankful to say my children all have a lovely Daddy and we have number seven on the way ..... a few more weeks as long as she is not as impatient as her biggest brother!!
one of my closest mates is due in march and didnt find out she was pregnant until xmas. she was getting her periods at the time and she wasnt putting on any weight. i was pregnant/gave birth when she was living with us. she did get clucky but everybody thought that that was natural because of me. it is very weird. at almost 9 months she is still barly showing
I knew I was pregnant at 4 wks, because I had clomid to get preggo... but if I hadn't, the fact that I needed maternity uniforms for work at 13 weeks and was throwing up 5-10x a day from week 5 would have been a pretty good indicator that I was pregnant! Because of my own experience I find it difficult to understand, but reading the comments here apparently it happens fairly often. It would have been nice to not know for a few months though, I'm 37 weeks now and what a looooooonnnnnngggg pregnancy this has been!

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i found out when i was 3 weeks but a week or 2 prior to that i got very ill and my dr put it down to a symptom of my anxiety. my partner and i went camping to have a break and the next morning when he started cooking sausages for breaky and i vommited from the smell thats when we knew something else was going on, and sure enough i was 3 weeks gone.
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