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baby shower for second child Lock Rss

Hi, I am wondering if people have baby showers for second children, or is it customary to only have one with your first? I don't have any friends with small children, so am not sure what is "the go" these days!

I am pregnant with my second, and am not sure whether to have a shower or not- (my DS is almost 4, so it hase been a while)

I only had one with my first. To me it seems wrong to have one for consecutive children and not something I would choose to do. However I know of people who have had one with every child, so it really comes down to personal choice.
I only had one with my first, but I had 3 babies in 3.5yrs seemed a little greedy to have more than 1
I have a friend that had one for all 3 of her children.
I had one for DS1 and if this baby is a girl i'll have one for her.
I had baby showers with both my kids. I just think its a good idea to get together with all your family and friends, play some silly games and just enjoy yourself!
If you feel like you want to celebrate but that it's over doing it having it for every baby why not have an early celebration party for the imminent birth. I love the idea of celebrating with family and friends.
i agree with us3girls! im having one for my second child in 2 weeks and my kids are only 22 months apart i dont think its "greedy" at all i dont want my daughter to say mummy why did u have a baby shower for my brother but not me....? a baby shower is to celebrate a new baby and to have fun with all your family and friends and if that's greedy then i guess im GREEDY!

My mum had 7 kids and I can remember her having baby showers with the last 3 kids, I even organised 2 of them for her. We had a great time with all our friends getting baby stuff and playing games.
I really don't understand when people say it's rude etc to have more than one Baby Shower.

I had one for both my babies because I wanted to celebrate both of them! Why can you only celebrate one child??
You don't have to ask for gifts either it can just be a lovely way to see family & friends, have a scrumptious tea party, before your little baby arrives!

I say go for it & have a lovely time smile

i say go for it smile

im only having my first, but im having two showers for this bub! i know, i must be super greedy but really its cos i moved 4 hrs away from family and friends 2 yrs ago. i now have a life here so i want a baby shower with friends, work peeps etc here and then have one with family and older friends where i grew up. neither are going to be massive or expensive, just a good chance to get together and have fun.
Im pregnant for the 2nd time and i will be having another baby shower as the first one was great all the family got together and we had such a great time.

I dont understand why people say its rude or wrong or whatever, people are going to give you presents anyway whether its b4 or after bub is here,
but to me its not about recieving gifts its about getting together and celebrating, and i let everyone know that a gift is not nessesary(sp).
I think it's fine, a baby shower is about welcoming a new baby into the world. To me it doesn't seem fair that your second child doesn't get a baby shower just cuz he/she is second. I think as long as you stress that gifts aren't necesary and just make it about people coming to see you and give you well wishes for your little ones life then its not greedy smile
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