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30 weeks SPD pains? Lock Rss

Hey I notice a couple of threads mentioning SPD. I;m just wondering if this is what is happening to me? I'm sore near my pubic bone - a dull ache really with the occasional sharpish twinge. My back has been really sore over the last few days. I can barely walk the three blocks home from work right now. Bub is really low down too and its getting harder to walk or sit for too long. He's still kicking away fine. DH is panicking thinking I'm going to go into labour early. laugh
I have a mild case of SPD and the pain is in the pubic bone. Talk to your Dr/MW when you next see them and just ask about the pain. They will check to see if you have a seperation in your pubic bone. It may just be that bubs is sitting low and stretching pain but it cant hurt to mention it. grin
It sounds like SPD but can be easily diagnosed by your ob/midwife or physio. Women generally feel a sharp stabbing pain in the pubic bone area and the pain will get more intense as you physically do more and become more pregnant. I suffered with it badly when pregnant with my DD (I was on bedrest for the last 3 weeks of her pregnancy because I could barely walk, dress or wash myself) and my advice would be to take things as easy as possible! Avoid long walks and shopping trips, when you do walk take small even steps, avoid stairs when you can, keep your knees together when you roll in bed and get out of the car to reduce stress on your pubic joint, try to rest on your side with a pillow between your knees when possible and know that most cases of spd will resolve themselves soon after pregnancy smile Best of luck!

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