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Smelly?!?! Sorry TMI Lock Rss

Hi, I have noticed over the last couple of days that although i have not eaten anything smelly or different and have been drinking plenty of water, that when i sweat i smell and my urine is a dark colour and often smells also.

If anyone could shed a little light that would be great. As i said i am drinking plenty of water so i dont know whats going on? I will be bringing it up with the doctor on monday but some advice would be great!

Its bloody hot laugh laugh

What D&K said, lol!
I'd put it down to heat, higher body temp during pregnancy, sensitivity to smells.
As for pee, its probably all the different minerals and etc. All the usual vag changes. tongue
As long as you're not feeling ill or itchy or anything.
Smelly wee for me means Urinary Tract Infection. I don't get the stinging or burning I get smelly wee.

Doesn't mean it is the same for you though!

Thanks girls! Your right it is bloody hot!!! Lol but ive never really been smelly, just gonna put it down to a sensative nose and maybe text for uti. Thanks again
Are you taking all the pregnancy vitamin stuff? I found my urine is also very dark and a distinct smell....... well ok STINKS sorry TMI I know. But I asked about it and it is due to all the health meds Im taking for bubs!
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