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SICK!! Lock Rss

So I am 5 weeks pregnant and morning sickness has decided to make it's first appearance.
I did not think it would be this bad.
Really can't say that I am a fan!!
Bahahaha, nobody is really a fan smile

I always found that lots of the "remedies" didn't actually work...but think of it as an excellent sign that the little baby inside you is growing healthy and well.

Oh tell me about it. im in my 3rd week of all day all night nausea!! when will it end!!!!!!!
I had just under two months of 24hr nausea and vomiting. It was NOT fun.
I ate ice, vitawheats, jatz, and if I was lucky a piece of dried fruit.
don't worry girls, once the nausea settles you'll get reflux, sore back, swollen feet, leaking boobs, won't be able to sleep and then to top it all off the baby might decide to stay in your tummy for another week - because it's so comfortable. Pregnancy is sooo much fun tongue
Oh god, I was hoping this may have been a once off. It looks like I have some fun times ahead!
On the bright side I get the day off work and hubby is waiting on me hand and foot.
i still know how u feel im nearly 32 weeks and ive had nausea the whole pregnancy and not to mention morning sickness every second day up until 28 weeks and still im having m/s once a week now plus all the things ELIZA_C mentioned before!

Wow... I'm starting to think I had it easy!!
I still have morning sickness and Feel yucky for alot of the day!!! Come on baby!!! Its easy to get sick of feeling sick!!

My first baby I had all day nausea and threw up at least once everyday from week 5 till 41+1 lol.

I really hope that this isnt the case for you but you are only 5 weeks and for most people I think its meant to start to settle around the 12 weeks. This time round I had MS from week 7 till about 16.

Good Luck with your pregnancy grin
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