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Private or non private hospital ? Lock Rss

hey all
Just wondering what people think is best private or non private?. We have private cover but then we are going to have a fee for private obstetrician service which u dont get much back from medicare anymore. So im trying to figure out which is the best way to go and if anyone in toowoomba can tell me what they think of the base or st vinnies.

I'm not in your area but I would go private. I had an ok experience with public. Had to wait at least an hour for each appointment though (its worse now, my sis is waiting 2 and a half hours each time) they monitored me well when I kept falling over at the end of pregnancy but come labour they were terrible. Hopeless is an understatement. Treated me like i was an idiot and basically didnt have room.
i have private cover but decided to go public. where i am (warrnambool) the waits are never very long and the same its the same obs whether you are public or private. the main difference for me was the hospital but as a nurse i know the the care in a public hospital is as good if not better smile but thats my opinion. we have a wonderful health care system in australia/new zealand, make the most of it!
Best thing would be to ask about your local hospitals. I went public had a great experience. All hospitals are different public or private.
I have had 3 children in public and am 31.5 weeks with my fourth. I have never had any problem with the public hospital here. We wait maybe 15 minutes for an appointment which i think is quite exceptable and have always had great care
I had my baby public and had a great experience and i also got a private room, its just standard at the hospital i had her at (Redlands Hosp) so i will definately have the next one there.

My SIL however had her baby at toowoomba base and said it was horrible and she would not go back there again. so i guess everyone has a different experience.
I had a fantastic midwives at Toowoomba base and will be going back for my second child. We have a great public health system in Australia that we as tax payers fund, so why not use it. I also have friends who have gone both private and public and they've all said there was very little difference apart from your own room. Remember too, if something goes wrong, the private hospitals generally ship you off the to the public hospital anyway......
I had my 2 previous babies as a public patient and had no problems.
This time I've decided to go as a private patient, I want a private room this time. More than happy for a midwife delivery though... At my hospital I was told I could be seen by a midwife at the antenatal clinic until 32 weeks and then had to pick and see an OB untill delivery. It's a public and private hospital.

I would recommend asking your near-by hospitals for a tour and then they'll be able to point out the differences you'd be looking at.

Also I rang our health fund a few weeks back to see what fees we'd be looking at for going private and it appears that we'll only have to pay for the hospital excess, in our case it's $250 I think.

Our hospitals benefits to private patients are private room (if available), better meals, free disposable nappies. I think that's about it.

Also last time I was sharing with a pretty derro woman, who brought a carton of smokes to the hospitals and would regularly go outside for a smoke... so maybe it depends on your area and who you're likely to end up sharing with.
First time I had a mum who'd had her 3rd and was really friendly and had heaps of helpful advice.

Good luck and sorry for the long-winded reply!
Save yourself the money & go public. I have had DD public & am going back for round 2 in public. I think the care is great. I am also a registered nurse, so even from that perspective I am public all the way.
I went public with my first 2 and am now going private.
I get to choose my obstetrician and not have some random deliver my baby.
I all feel at ease that the care is much more personal in a private as they are not trying to rush their patients out of hospital!
I went public for my first and am going public again. I had a great experience, better than a few friends who went private. I even had my own private double room with ensuite for 4 days! They were absolutely brilliant.
I went public for my first and am going public again. I had a great experience, better than a few friends who went private. I even had my own private double room with ensuite for 4 days! They were absolutely brilliant.
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