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28 weeks and still sick Lock Rss

hi guy,
just wanted to vent a little, this is my third pregnancy and my last two were a breeze! i felt great, no sickness and exercised all the time- I am expecting my third and at 28 weeks pregnant, i am still waiting for that glowing, perfect moment. i constantly feel like i am about to vomit, my back hurts alot, i am hot and uncomfortable and i can feel my insides squeezing out!!! it is depressing because this is my last one, and i wanted to enjoy it so much, but instead i am waiting for it all to end (unfortunately via c-section sad ) thanks for letting me vent. anyone else in this boat too????


I am pregnant with number 4 and this pregnancy has been pretty good, well compared with my 3rd. My first 2 were a breeze but i reall y struggled with my 3rd, I was constantly sick and could hardly move.
We haven't found out whether this one is a boy or girl but I am thinking it must be a boy as my first 2 were boys and they were easy and my third was a girl which was totally different to all the others and alot worse.
So I know how you feel with your third but you just have to put up with it I suppose, It not long now and it will be over and you can enjoy bub.
Hey there, I'm 34wks pregnant with my 2nd and I still throw up every day several times a day! With my 1st I was sick constantly from 5wks til the day I gave birth at 41+3, so thankfully this time hasn't been as severe but boy am I tired and lacking in energy!! Finding it so hard to sleep and then get up in the mornings, good thing my toddler is an independent little thing or I'd be screwed haha

Not feeling overly fat or uncomfortable or anything... I've only put on 2kgs and to me my belly is tiny even though no one else agrees with that, so finding it pretty easy to get around still!!

Good luck for the impending birth grin
Yes, Im 38 weeks and still sick, that all day sickness! cant wait for bub!! good luck, hope it settles for you.
Oh you sound like me, im pregnant with my 3rd and am so over it! I never felt this bad with my other two, its like my body cant hack it this time, im sore, tired beyond belief, cant sleep, get headaches, oh the list is endless, I cant wait till its over in 10 weeks when I have my c section.

Like you I want to enjoy this pregnancy because its my last but i just cant seem too, i love feeling bub move and kick but other than that I cant wait till its done and dusted.

im the exact same but im nearly 33 weeks with my second im so looking forward to my c-section in 6 weeks!

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