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  5. Heres some of my own myth busting :)

Heres some of my own myth busting :) Rss

Ok so ive been in hospital the past couple of days and had my 19 wk ultra sound while i was admitted.

So anyway....

FHB - 157 BPM (prediction girl)
Chinese lunar calendar predicted girl (although one did predict a boy .. the 1 where u dont add 9 months to time of conception)
High belly - prediction girl
ring on necklace thing - predicted girl

Anyway.. ultrasound result - very clearly a boy smile

Which means 2 boys for us smile although a girl would fo been nice smile heheh... theres always next time smile


hey Karinal,

I was told aboy as well and I was sure I was having a girl, when the guy who did our ultra sound said he was 100% sure it was going to be a boy i swore at him and burst out into tears. only time will tell if he is right.

Rylee 2 big brother to Tyler mummy angel boys

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