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Severe indigestion Rss


Just wondering if anyone has suffered with severe ingestion early in pregancy (I'm almost 9 weeks)? Iv'e always suffered late in my other pregnancies but this time it has started early, on top of that I have extreme nausea, and lower back pain already!!

Also what did you take for indigestion, quick-eze tabs did nothing for me what so ever!

I'm feeling lucky this pregnancy lol!!

Take care
i always suffer with it later in pregnancy. I have found rennie tablets work wonders but I limit it to taking them only when i cant stand it anymore as i found with my last pregnancy if you have to many of them they can cause kidney stones
I get bad heartburn when I lie down to sleep at night. I take a spoonful of Mylanta anytime it gets bad, works for me.
I also found Mylanta to work well. The effervescent tablets where good for upset tummy but found the on the go chewable tablets to be good for heartburn.
I read on the effervescent tablets packet that they are ok to take whislt pregnant as long as you dont go over recommend daily amount.
hope this helps
Congrats on the pregnancy!

As per pp chewable mylanta is great. I had indigestion quite bad at the start and end of pregnancy! Avoiding the foods that give it to you is probably the best bet but thats alot of trial and error (and one day WATERMELON gave me indigestion so go figure).

Foods I found that triggered it include;

spicy food
soft drink

Its a bummer, I can definitely empathise with you!! I hope it lets up and gives you some relief!
Hi, I had heart burn, and it started early. Rennies were a life saver smile
I also had reflux very early in my pregnancy, I just avoided the foods to start with. It got much worse towards the end. I ended up having to take losec morning and night and chewable mylanta in between.

You may not be able to tolerate the chewable mylanta with your nausea though, but I'm sure you will find something that works for you.

Good luck with it..... On a positive though, the reflux almost disappears immediately after the birth of bub!
I'm finding a glass of milk really helps with heartburn and indigestion.
Congrats smile
I had mylanta and i found homemade iced coffee worked as well as avacado smile
For the morning sickness my doctor told me those $3.50 packs of travel sick ginger tablets, they are all natural, they worked wonders for me!
Fruit Tingles work a treat for me

I can't stand the taste of the 'usual' treatments. You can also get prescription tablets for it that are safe during pregnancy, so make sure you ask your dr/midwife next time you see them
Thanx for the suggestions ladies!! I tried the liquid mylanta, big mistake!! It didnt stay down too long! I will try some rennie tabs and I'm avoiding spicy foods etc! I hope this is just a passing phase and I'm not suffering through my whole pregnancy!!
I have had bad heartburn this entire pregnancy too -I am now 23 weeks and it still hasn't gone away-sorry- hope yours does!! With DS I didn't get it until right towards the end of the pregnancy.

I find the Mylanta tabs and zantac are the best. Our bub is nicknamed "Mylanta" I have eaten so many!! Mylanta liquid made me vomit too!
Funny enough, I have also found that fruit tingles work quite well!!

My trigger foods seem to be watermelon, rockmelon, and most other fruits except for grapes and apples! It generally hits around 3pm no matter whether I am eating or not, and continues throughout the evening!!

Good luck finding something that works for you.
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