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Feeling like [email protected]%T Lock Rss

Hey all,
Im not feeling well today at all. Id love to hear from any of you to see how ur day is going. Hope to hear from someone soon
take care

from Sammi

2 little angels,17 months and one on the inside

hay there samie

join the club honey ive been sick as at work every 5 mins my head is in the bin. nothing seema to work at all boy is it a pain.

im also very tired between chucking up and bad wind that wont pass im buggered
Hi sammiree,
tracy here thanks for a reply thought i was the only one i 100% argree with the subject me well i'm pretty much like that most days more when bubs don't get what it wants another craving i have is
dick smiths canned asspariges man they are yum.
i am sick and tired of the [email protected]%t heart burn had that since i was 5 weeks bar$^*rd just wont go how far r u this is my first if u wanna chat here is my email
[email protected] have fun glad to here im not the only one feeling the same bye


Hi Sammi,

Was just reading your post, being a few days later, how are you feeling today? How many weeks are you? I'm 30 wks today and have just started getting fluid in my feet & ankles. Also coming to the realiszation that I just cant do what I would normally do to pass a day. is getting me a little down, anxious & moody. It's such an effort to do grocery shopping or walk up the street to have a browse & mingle with society. I CAN ONLY READ SO MUCH ASWELL & T.V IS CRAP!!!! Hope you are having better days sammi as mine are getting worse by the minute. For once in my life "I WANT TO GO BACK TO WORK"!!!!!

Alessi, 10 july 2006

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