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First time Mums to be-2011 Rss

Hi girls!!

Just thought I would start up new thread for all those expectant first time mums,a place where we could all get together and share our experiences and stories and so on.It would be great to chat to some other girls about what we are going through at the moment!!

I'm 29, live in Sydney,and my husband is in the Army.We are expecting our little girl,Chloe Isabella,on the 9th August!!

Looking forward to chatting soon!!! smile

Im 25, married, expecting first bub 18 August 2011 oh and i live in Brissy.

Is hubby at home at the moment? must be hard with him being in the services, my husband works away every now and again but he gone for max of 3 weeks.
Hi Rebeccapope1982 & MrsKJH!

I'm from Melbourne and I'm 26. Hubby & I are expecting our first baby 23rd August.

Would love to chat to you! smile

Im 22, not married, expecting my first in July. smile

Pretty excited
Hi ladies, im 30, married Pete on 7th August last year and we are expecting our first on the 29th of July. I live in Darwin smile Have been feeling lots of movement lately which has been great. how about you?
Hi Belinda!

I've been feeling lots of movement too! Started feeling flutters around 14-15 weeks, but the last 2 weeks have been getting lots of kicks!

Hi Kristy,

Yeah i was feeling very subtle movements from about 16 weeks but there is nothing more reassuring than a real definate movement. baby seems to be most active int he morning and late afternoon. fortunately i don't notice it at night... yet smile
Hello everyone!!

Isnt it the wirdest feeling when you first feel bub? i love it now but at first i just felt like I was going to pass wind but then it never came if that make sense sorry for the TMI lol

Does Bub pushs against the front of your belly and when you touch it, its rock hard??

I am feeling bub the same times as you Blinda_B morning and late afternoon with the odd movement during the day, normally when i am driving.

anyone nervous about anything?
I never felt any little flutter type things. I got 1 very solid kick at 19 weeks, and then pretty constant from about 20 weeks. For a while i was only getting movement at night time. Now i feel it in the morning, during the day and at night. Most times he does real low blows and it feels like his foot is gunna come out!

When it first started kicking, I would try and get my partner to feel, but whenever he would come near me or touch my belly bub would stop moving.

Until a few days ago, a thought that my partner had still not been able to feel, but he informed me that when we are in bed, asleep obviously, when i put my belly on his back, baby kicks the crap outta his back. So turns out hes felt it quite often!
Welcome MrsKJH,J_Card,Belinda_B,and KristyG84!Lovely to meet you!!

Bub started kicking around 18 weeks,I was lying in bed one night and all of a sudden I felt this thump against my abdomen...and then a few more times,such a mixture of oddness and cuteness!!
Now I find she's active abit in the morning,then around the middle of the day,and then mostly at night.J_Card it's so funny that you mention about your partner,everytime I told my husband bub was kicking he would eagerly put his hand on the spot and wait...and nothing ever happened!! Luckily he felt it the other night and said he thought it was the best feeling in the world!!

Like I said I think it was a little odd at first to feel but now that it's become such an everyday occurence I've gotten quite used to it and always makes me feel reassured as well when I can feel her moving around in there!

MrsKJH-Rob hasn't had to go away at all this year,and won't now until part way through next year.Last year he was away for 6 months,and that was hard,but it's just one of those things that come with being a military wife.By the time he does go away next year,I should hopefully have some sort of routine going for myself and bub so I will be able to manage by myself.What does your partner do?-Bec
As for being nervous....I'm abit worried about going into labour somewhere out in public like Westfield or somewhere..I know it sounds abit silly but I guess it kind of one of those things you can't control so it's all a little unexpected.Anyone else?
I am also very nervous about labour! I think i have scared myself so much about it, i think about it every day and just freak myself out more and more.

I also had a thought today when my waters break, will i be out in public and how will I react. I had a little giggle about it but it still worries me.

Then just little thoughts of doubt go through my head sometimes, like am I gunna be a good mum, are we gunna cope, what if I leave the baby somewhere and the list goes on.
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