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Being Induced Lock Rss

If you are induced early, and were not likely to have gone into labour naturally soon, without the drip this can result in a much longer, more painful and entirely unnatural labour. The drip helps things to speed up if you are not progressing.


i was induced with my DD at 38wks due to pre eclampsia. i had the gel inserted at 9 am. the doc said i had a soft cervix so i might be surprised. my 1pm i started get backpain and mild contractions about 20mins apart. by 10pm i was in established labour and was 5cm dialated. and 2am i had by waters broke then some time between then and 620am i had oxytocin to speed up my contactions and it sure did. and at 640am i gave birth to my DD. i did have pain releif cant rmember what it was called they gave you a botten with it tho. the only thing that hurt was the contactions. ( sorry for anybad spelling).
grin Hi & Good luck...

I was induced with my son 5 months ago... I was induced at 36 weeks due to having pre eclampsia.... I had the cervical tape first....6 hours later..Then gel...then 6 hours later more gel....I was having contractions & regular however nothing was happening so was put on the drip... still nothing ( i got to 1 cm dialated) so they decided to break my waters... It was a long drawn out process for me and i hated it... However each person has a different experience when it comes to been induced... Just take it as it comes and remember you will have your baby before you know it....I was induced friday morning my son wasnt born until saturday ...
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