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23 weeks and movements decreased Lock Rss


im 23 weeks today and i havent had any movememnts or kicks from bub since dinner time last night. i have rang midwife she has told me to eat something or drink soemthing and wait and hour and see what happens. but i have been eating and drinking all morning and still nothing,

so any advice on whether this is normal?
Get it checked, bub may have moved to where you can't feel it very much, but a quick scan or heartbeat check etc will tell you exactly what bub is doing and put your mind at ease. Call again now.
I agree I would get it checked to make sure it's the worst not feeling them move I had a car accident while pregnant with the twins I didn't feel dd move the next day they did the Doppler and put me all at ease.
Good luck darl I everything is all ok xxx
I agree to get checked, but an icy cold drink usually does it for me, bub doesn't like that much

try having a little bit of fizzy lemonade, that use to get dd going.
i have tried the cold drink i have tried iceblocks and i have tried coke lol still no kicks but i think i just had a bit of pressure so i dunno like movin? so i going to wait another 30 mins see what happens.
just an update.... just as i sent this i got a big boot! so i guess all is ok!
Eat something super sugary? Seems to send my little one into the ninja routine, but that's probably because DH is a sweet tooth, baby is going to take after him Lol.

I had this happen to me once too, I was told to eat some lollies and sit down for about an hour. Its really scary hey! I have never felt so much relief when it moved again.
Iv heard they go crazy with movement when your in the bath, i havent tried this yet tho
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