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Quite possibly the STUPIDEST question ever. Lock Rss

This one might seem to be a bit of a no-brainer to some but it has me bothers.

I am currently 35.5 weeks so birthday isn't far off. I was doing a bit of shopping and had to do an inevitable toilet stop and I saw a woman on her own walking with a pram the other way and it suddenly struck me.

What do i do with baby if i need to go and no one is with me. It doesn't seem safe to leave him in the pram outside, but i can't see me him and the pram fitting into a toilet cubical.

So my really stupid question is: What do I do with baby with I need a toilet stop? (assuming desperation point and hanging on isn't an option)
Parent rooms or disabled toilet are usually the go (literally!!)

Edited to add: start checking out where the parent rooms and disabled toilets are in your usual shopping centres so you're prepared when it happens.
most shopping centres have parents rooms go in there.
Disabled toilets or parents room if available.

With DS, I used to wear him in a sling, so just left him in there!

I use the disabled toilets. You can't fit kids and pram/trolley inside the normal toilet cubicles, and leaving them outside the toilets unattended is simply not an option. Sometimes parent rooms have toilets in them as well. At a lot of shopping centres I have noticed signs on the disabled toilet doors saying that those toilets can also be used by people wishing to supervise children, so I think it's an acceptable thing to do.
At most of my local shops there is either a toilet in the women's toilet that is "stroller friendly" so a larger room or I just use the toilets in the parents room. I do live in a major city so the availability of these places might depend on where you live but I'd keep an eye out for parent rooms as your first port of call - the toilets are normally really big as they have a kids toilet and an adult toilet in the one room.

Worst case scenario, look out for the wheelchair access toilets. Its not ideal but when you have a bub in a pram with you sometimes there's limited options.

I always use the disabled toilets when I have a stroller/pram/trolley.
laugh I didn't even think of the parent room/disabled toilets.

yep: it was a stupid question. lol. (clearly I have a lot to learn)
don't feel stupid, i remember asking the same question when I was due with DD. as a non parent you have no idea what is behind the mystery door that is a parent room.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

don't feel stupid, i remember asking the same question when I was due with DD. as a non parent you have no idea what is behind the mystery door that is a parent room.

Lol so true smile all the things that become commonplace are just unimaginable beforehand!
I have never thought of using disabled toilets. I just always prayed I wouldn't need to go!!
Thanks for the tip. xx
My beautiful wife has been working feverishly on a project which will help answer your question.
check out

It is a review blog of parent rooms and parent/child facilities.

its on facebook too - check it out - like it - support it.

It is also in consideration for the recent Huggies Grant - and we think it has a very good chance... so it will only get bigger and better!

Best wishes for your impending addition to your family! it will be wonderful!

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