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Feeling Sick....and I LOVE it Rss

DF and I started TTC last month and I was gunna wait till next week to test, but decided after feeling like crap for the past 3 days I would test today.

I'm 10DPO (5 days till AF is due) I brought a clear blue test and got a BIG FAT POSITIVE.....exact words on it 'pregnant 1-2 weeks' wooooohoooo I'm gunna get another beautiful baby belly!!!

Fingers crossed My little baby bean sticks in there smile

Congrats chick smile
Congratulations smile

Woo Hoo! Congratulations smile

Stay sticky baby!!!!!

Congrats on the BFP grin

Congratulations. Reading your post even made me feel excited.
Hooray. Congratulations!!!!

Thanks girls!!! so can't wait till i can actually start telling friends!!!

Congrats grin You must be so happy smile
I'm happy to hear that you're feeling sick! LOL!

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