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Worrries the 2nd Time Around Lock Rss


I am only 5 weeks pregnant with my second baby. I have a 20 month little boy and found out I was pregnant with him at 7 weeks. I felt all the regular pregnancy symptoms - exhaustion, nausea (for 9 mths) and very tender breasts.
I know each pregnancy is different, but this one seems so unreal to me. I feel none of the "normal" pregnancy symptoms and it scares me that this baby won't go to term.
I guess what I am looking for, is a little advice and reassurance that I am worrying over nothing. Maybe it's too early to have sore boobs or nausea or exhaustion?? Maybe I am just over thinking it all???

Thanks for listening. Just needed to vent!
Hi Jecksta,

I found out at 3weeks and 3days that I was pregnant with DS2 and the only symptom that I had was a yucky metal like taste in my mouth that no matter what I did it wouldn't go away. I didn't get sore boobs with the pregnancy until later on. As you have said that every pregnancy is different. Maybe it could be because of change of babies gender or the symptoms just haven't kicked in just yet. All mother's get the symptoms at different times of the pregnancy.

DS2 was born at 39 weeks and 1 day.

Every Mum needs to vent sometime grin

Good Luck and I hope that the pregnancy goes well for you with no problems

Hi Jecksta

Try not to stress - easier said than done I know.

MS doesnt usually kick in until weeks 6 and 7 - but I barely got any with DS2 - but had felt awful with DS1. Up to third time round now - and I also felt that it wasnr real for the first 3 weeks (found out at 3wks 3 days) - but gosh I wish the MS had stayed away smile

As you rightly said every pregnancy is different and the early weeks can be a little surreal at the best of times.

Good luck.


I'm 23 weeks with #2 and I didn't really have any symptoms at all.

The only thing that made me take a pg test was I had changed contraceptive and hadn't had monthly yet then woke up 2 mornings feeling a bit seedy when I hadn't been drinking.

Blood test confirmed I was 6-8 weeks. seediness only lasted 7-10 days then had no pg symptoms at all except for my expanding belly!
I had no pregnancy symptoms for the first 3 months. I had some cramping at 3-4 weeks, but I just thought I was getting my AF - the pain was exactly the same. Otherwise I felt great. I had heaps of energy and no nausea at all... till the second trimester tongue
Hi Jeckstar,

I'm pregnant with my second too - and feel much different from when I was pregnant with DS1. My boobs have only just gotten bigger, and apart from feeling really tired, I haven't had anything. Mind you I didn't get MS with DS1 either - but I definately felt more pregnant then.

You are only really just pregnant too, so you could develop symptoms in the next few weeks. Just enjoy not having any MS and hopefully you just have a really trouble free pregnancy!


Hi there!!! With my first i was pregnant for 6 months before i even found out i was pregnant. I had no symptoms whatsoever. But then with the second pregnancy i was sick from day 1, had every symptom in the book and then miscarried. So every body is differant, every pregnancy is differant! Good luck hun smile
I agree, it is very surreal as I've had none of the 'normal' pregnancy symptoms with either of my pregnancies. It's not until I finally get to the ultrasound stage(s) that I actually believe I am pregnant!! As reassuring as all the symptoms probably are - I am just so glad to not be nauseous/tired etc all the time as some of my friends complain of being whilst pregnant.
please dont stress its all good and yes you are worrying over nothing. negative thinking is not good for you or bub. you are a wonderful mum to a toddler and you will be the same to this little one. it is fairly early and first time around you do notice things alot more because its a very odd experience and second time round you are a PRO!!!! so make a nice cup of tea sit down and relax with your feet up and just imagine your on holiday in hawaii. good luck with everything grin
I found out about my little man when i was 8 weeks preganent and for the whole pregnancy I had no pregnancy symptoms the only way i know that i was preganent was my big belly smile
Snap! Im 5 weeks too, and reading this because I am worried about the same thing =). I knew I was pregnant first time round because food tasted off, and I had a metallic taste in my mouth...that was at 5 weeks first time round. So I am feeling light headed but thats about all--I am definatly not wishing for nausea or fatigue (both had the last time round) but think it might feel more real if I had some more symptoms.
I was late and when i smelt certain things or thought of certain things ( licking an envelope)lol i just gaged 2 nights later i lost it,,,
The next month i was late but felt nothing, i was pregnant .. wasn't until about week 7 to 8 i started to feel of, gagy, like i had a constant hangover, but never vomited, was quite lucky from some of the story's i hear...
For me being sick straight away was bad, so im sure your just fine, also ive heard if your carring a different sex than last time it makes your body act differently too (not sure if thats true though?)
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