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How soon did you know you were pregnant Rss

How soon did ypu know you were pregnant and what were the symptoms????? I have a couple of girlfriends say they new they were pregnant from day dot and am curious to hear others expereoences.

When i started TTC my mum said to me each time she got pregnant she left a very sharp pain in her tummy. I thought oh yeah and didnt think much of it. Then one day i had just got home from work i was walking inside and i got an awful sharp pain right in my ovaries and i almost feel to the ground. Mum was standing right byside me and she said "you are pregnant" sure enough a week later a found out i was just preggers smile
We found out we were pregnant last week, i was 10DPO, i had a good feeling i was before i tested. i was getting cramping like feelings in my lower belly, and felt unwell. sure enough BFP smile

i wasnt trying at all really. my period was late and i kept having lots of mild period like cramps in my tummy. my friends joked and said i was pregnant. eventually i got up the guts to test! sure enough, 35w and going strong grin

as soon as i knew though i was sick almost instantly. morning sickness started, boobs started to hurt, was dizzy, extra tired, sense of smell changed etc etc. you name it, i had all the early pregnancy symptoms!
with both ds and this one i knew stragith away sharp pain and then i started feeling really "full" below my belly button- sorry hard to describe it and extremly sensitive/ sore boobs
I knew immediately also for both kids, I stopped sleeping throughout the night and never had a full night's sleep throughout the pregnancy.
The day I knew was when I had the sudden urge to vomit, this lasted about 6 hours. That day was the first day of my second pregnancy.
I found out at three weeks.

We were trying, and I had the weirdest feelings around my belly button.

Didn't really suffer too badly with morning sickness just nausea from weeks 5 to 9.
I was adamnant I wasnt going to test until afs due date had been and passed but at 8 dpo I just had a feeling i was definately pregnant, I had wierd feeling boobs and was tired and hungry. Sure enough i got a really strong positive that day. Boobs have settled down now but feel sick on and off throughout the day and ready for bed just after lunch lol

From memory I got one spot of blood, which was apparantly an implantation bleed (I thought period was on the way) then nothing after that - and was bloated.
i found out with both pregnancys around the 8 week mark. they were both 'surprise pregnancys. Symptoms i had were sore and bigger boobs, morning sickness, very very moody and missed period.
i knew i was pregnanct coz if i didnt eat breakfast i got the shakes..and i usualy dont have breakfast..and also i got really really sick with the flu...oh and i was 3 weeks


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