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hey ladies.. some of you may have seen the promo of a crying girl who cant get in to any hospital to have her baby..

well that would be me!

i'm having a hard time with my GP at the moment and was wondering if any of you could recommend a female (or really good comfortable male doctor) in brisbane? i'm in chelmer, near indooroopilly.

erin smile
Hey Erin

sorry cant help with the recommendation - i'm in the wrong state, but was wondering why you cant be booked into a hospital?

thanks for the info

i cant get in because a) my catchment area hopsital Mater is full and cool logan & RBH won't take me cause i'm not in catchment. i'm not going to try gold coast, its like an hour and half away and just absurd for them to suggest for me to go there.

thanks jendav.. i'll check them out. i'm looking for someone who will support my decision in going natural birth.

Thanks Jen. Basically my doc referred me to Mater and I rec'd a letter "thank you for referral however we're full. Please try yadda yadda and good luck with your pregnancy". I was very :| face.

If my GP isn't very helpful in the next conversation, I'll give yours a call smile
I'm 22 weeks and have been to my GP for my 'visits'. I've actually only been to 1. She never explained things to me so didnt know I had to go back. I've been for my 2 scans and everything is fine. I'm not sure what they expect me to do. I've looked into home birth also.

I've called all the hospitals myself, my doc isn't even really trying to help.

This is why I went to Seven News. Its aired tonight so hopefully I hear from Mater smile
thats shocking! I didn't think you could be refused by a public hospital either. I'm in your area too and I see a doctor at the Graceville fiveways medical centre. There is 3 different female doctors and they are all great.

also thought i would mention that im not as far along as you (14 weeks) and I was referred to the Mater when I was about 5 weeks along and I got in??? The midwifery clinic was booked out (can go to Corinda for appointments)

very unfair what they r doing to you : (
Hey Hun, i cant help either as im in the wrong state too, but i cant believe you have to go through this! Can you try and see a different OB? hopefully when the news shows it they will be able to sort it out for you! You poor thing, this is the last thing you want to have to go through when your pregnant! i wish you the best of luck and i hope it gets sorted out so you can relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! Big hugs smile xoxo

when i was pregnant with DD my doctor was AMAZING in Brissy!!! she is at the 'Rainworth Medical Centre' her name is Lynette Brislin, when i found out i was pregnant...(in her office), she sat for 40mins giving me the in's and outs of pregnancy!! everytime i went back, she knew who i was without having to go over all the questions again!!! so great about helping me make a choice about birthing!!

the medical centre is near Bardon....sorta near paddington smile

I really hope it works out for you! i just self referred myself to a hospital this week due to having a crap doctor here in newcastle...i'm only 5 weeks, but know i had to get in early for these things!!!

I got told that "September is all full up, we'll put you down for October" at our hospital. Um, baby decides not you love!! I had him on September 29th lol. Walked into emergency and told them I was in the process of giving birth. No one had any issues with that!!

They're not going to refuse you if you go in there in labour. That could end in a great big lawsuit and they wont let that happen.
OMG what a total disgrace. How can a public hospital be 'full up' - i also didnt think that they could refuse you treatment.

I hope you can now get some action!!

good luck.
Hi how are things today? I saw the preview to your story but didn't see the whole thing. That's horrible I couldn't imagine the worry you have been going through. I hope things have worked out for you and you now enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and have a trouble free birth.

I just watched the story online. Absolutely ridiculous! You should not have to drive to the Gold Coast.

I had my DD at the Mater in 2008 and that was just after their whole new maternity wing opened up. I thought they did that so they could have more babies born there, not to have a quota on how many per month. Seems stupid to me.

One thing I have to question though. They said it's a funding issue? But can they refuse you a bed if you go in there while in labour? I would imagine not, not if they didn't want a lawsuit brought against them.

Good luck with this though! I hope they come to their senses and book you in.

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