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using deep heat while pregnant Lock Rss

i have tried googling this and have come up with a range of different answers. I'm not seeing my OB for another 2 weeks to ask so i thought i'd ask you ladies.

so, can i use it? i didn't find anywhere that said DO NOT USE, so i did last night because my hips were aching so much i was almost in tears. after a hot shower and hot pack and still no relief, i got DH to put some on my lower back and top of my butt and it was almost instant relief. not sure if the burning took the pain away or just masked it but i could actually sit for longer than 5 minutes at a time.

i'm sure a once off use is ok, but is regular use???

thanks in advance smile
i think from memory its a no no on regular basis. something about the anti imflammatory. could you not ring ur obs office and ask the receptionist or someone else?

I've used deep heat or metsal several times, as hot showers, panadol, wheat bags etc do not relieve my back pain. If it's a no no, I was not aware. Whoops.
I didn't use it, I used Arnica cream instead, which is safe. (I work in pharmacy and got the pharmacist to look it all up)
Personally I wouldn't use it. The main ingredients of deep heat are methanol and methyl salicylate. Methanol contains peppermint oil which some say should be avoided when pregnant. Have you tried rubbing/messaging oil (baby oil or bio oil) and use wheat bag.
I had very swollen and sore feet and used nurofen gel for relief. When I went to my drs and told her this, she said it was a big no no. Products like this (including deep heat) go straight through the blood stream and can go to the baby. She said don't be alarmed for using it once or twice, but don't use it again!
I too looked on the packet for information and it said nothing about not using it when you are pregnant.
Im not sure about the deep heat but I used the tiger balm in my last pregnancy for an old injury and the midwife said that it was ok..

Im not sure about the deep heat but I used the tiger balm in my last pregnancy for an old injury and the midwife said that it was ok..

Then again I just looked on the tiger balm website and its says pregnant women shouldnt use it, might be better to check with your doctor first, it might depend on how much your using and where your using it , I was using it on my ankle so not sure if that makes a difference
After my DS I went in to see my doctor and she told me to use a certain form of deep heat and I brought it, then got home and saw it shouldn't be used for BF. So took it back and they got me one that was ok. Personally I wouldn't use it, go to your local chemist and see what they reccomend. Even then when I got home I would google it and see what it says just to make sure.

Im not sure about deep heat but tiger balm is ok as far as im aware (have heard midwives recommend it) as its all herbal and that pretty much feels the same as deep heat cause all you need is the pain relief side not the anti inflammatory side (the ony thing I can think might be harmfull with out going anti-drugs on you in deep heat), you could even try a wheat sac or heat pack.
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