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ok so im 17 weeks pregnant with my second and just trying to figure out how my ds will be when the baby comes. we are looking at getting a new pram for both of them but now thinking he could be to old to wanna be in one he will be almost 3. so my question is how much of an age gap did you have and did you need a double pram for them
thanks amber

At almost 3 I wouldn't worry about a pram for him and would use this time before the baby is born to teach him how to walk with you when you are out shopping etc. When I had DD2, DS was 19 months and DD1 had turned 3 two weeks before she was born,so I had a double pram for the two younger ones and DD1 just walked, she had been walking for ages anyway as I just used the pram for DS.
we have 2 dd's (almost 4 and 20 months ) so will need a double pram for dd2 and baby but have decided that even though at 4 dd1 still has moments of getting tired ect so am looking at prams that will allow a skateboard attatched to the back. dont know if you have seen them? Most baby shops have them or trademe (in nz) or is it ebay or something (in aus) I would look at that option , when we had dd2 , dd1 was 2 an half so liked walking but would get tired and was a mission if out and about if dd2 went to sleep or got heavier as she grew carrying around in the front pack. If i knew what i did know i would have brought the double pram when we had dd2 as we knew we would have another and within a 2 year gap. Plus dd1 is great at walking but does have little legs still and walking around malls ect can be a pain if she is getting tired having to stop and wait for her to catch up or worse wandering off and getting lost. You know your ds and would be the best judge of character of how he is when out walking and at the mall ect and how often / what your major use of the pram is for eg do you go out walking alot or just for when out and about? maybe talk about it with ds and see what he would like? that would be my suggestions smile
DS1 was 21mths when DS2 was born and I had purchased a side by side stroller as DS1 didn't start walking until he was 19mths, I only used it a handful of times and then sold it as DS1 was walking everywhere and it was a pain in the butt.
At 3 I would say you dont really need another pram and like *Giggles* said use this time to practise with DS.
But then if you are like me and love having new pram/stroller then go ahead and buy a new single one wink lol

mine are about 22 months apart, i think. lol. ds1 was happy to walk or if he got tired he would stand on the back of the pram for a few mins while i was pushing it. so was just a normal pram for me. he's always had amazing stamina when it comes to walkin round tho, unlike ds2 <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />
definately dont get that from me lol
my first 2 are only 15months so i definately got a double for them, but #3 is on the way now so im in the process of teaching my eldest (2.5yr) to walk so by the time bubs born and not in the bubasling/ carrier we can both be confident that she will walk beside the double.
keep in mind tho that with only 2 you may not 'need' a double but it can definately make shopping trips etc less stressful and little 3yr old legs get tired quick and carrying a toddler whilst pushing a pram is not fun =D i think a double is worth the investment even if you dont use it often, we got ours secondhand and saved heaps $$ and its been just as good as a new one!
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