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Showing SUPER early? Lock Rss

Hi Ladies!!

So I'm 10weeks this Fridays according to my scans, and I've got an obvious stomach!!!

even to the point a girl I sometimes work with asked another girl if i was pregnant huh

Now I am not pigging out but in saying that I have no MS so I'm not spewing. I am eating 3 normal meals a day and snacking on 'good' foods in between if I get hungry.

I'm smaller in build: 5'5 tall and size I only have a small mid section.

Is it normal to have a 'gut' already....i'm certain i didn't get one till around 14weeks when pregnant with DD sad

I can post photo's for proof!

It is normal for small people to show earlier, and it is normal to show earlier with second or subsequent pregnancies than with the first (because your tummy muscles are more relaxed!).

I've never heard of anyone showing quite that early but certainly by 12 weeks it isn't uncommon for a second pregnancy.

Or, might be that you're further along than you think! smile
It sure is normal! I started showing about that early with my second, and then at around 8/9wks with my 3rd - no way was able to keep those pregnancies secret!
When I was 15wks with my 3rd I already had people saying "Can't be long now" - they always thought I was in the 3rd trimester!
I've started showing early too!! At 8 weeks it was obvious i was pregnant!

Also i havent been pigging out ive acutally some how lost weight?

Now at 15 weeks i cant hide my bump!
I am having the complete opposite I am 26 weeks pregnant with bub no.4 & I ahve lost 6kg & have no tummy at all I don't even look preggie!!
yep definately within 'normal' expectations, im tiny like you about same height and size 8 too this is my #3 bubba and ive shown earler every time i was showing at 7 weeks! and by 10 weeks i couldnt hide it, now at 21weeks i look closer to full term then my friend whos 33weeks! as long as your keeping a little active and not pigging on bad food dont worry about a thing youll have a beautiful bump before you know it! im just happy i got to skip the whole 'is she preg or just a little fat?' lol people confidently say 'wow when are you due?!'. i showed by 10 weeks too with #1 and #2 btw smile
Thanks for your replies ladies! does make me feel a little better....I just dont want to put 25kgs on like i did with DD's although i did eat alot of junk then...and i have only gained 2kgs....which isn't too bad.

it just feels odd having a tummy already. positive on dates...2 scans and only doing the deed twice that month....we are sure we are no futher along smile

With my son which is my only child (did have an early mc before him) and I was starting to show at 8 weeks and it was obvious by 10 weeks.
Sounds normal to me!! I think you show earlier with subsequent pregnancies, and if you are smaller in build. I started showing at around 9 weeks with DD and I am normally a size 8 and not very tall tongue

With DS (my first) I started showing at about 14 weeks (other family members disagreed!!). Some people where I worked didn't even know I was pregnant at about 18 weeks! I thought 'how could you not see that I'm pregnant!?' haha.

But definitely had a bump early the 2nd time around - probably from weaker stomach muscles! tongue

i am pregnant with my 2nd i am 15 weeks and i am a bigger girl i noticed my tummy being a bit more bloated early and i just thought its my 2nd time around and its normal i also have lost 12 kilos due to being sick and not being able to eat alot but im starting to feel alot better now, i just wish the pregnancy would hurry up and finish i hate the start it just drags
hi there im expecting my 2nd aswell im 10 wks along and i feel like im showing already 2! with my 1st i was a size 8-10 (im 5'8) and i dnt think i really started showing till 15 weeks but i also put on 20 kgs with her so im bit bigger this time round but i think its cause everythings already stretched! im also worried about my weight this time to i struggled to lose the weight and really dont want to get bigger
I didnt show at all with DS. Weighted less when I gave birth than I did when I gave birth. I have since had 4m/c and have shown earlier and earlier with each pregnacy to the point in my last pregnancy at 6 weeks there was deffinately a baby bump. I am again pregnant about 5 weeks and tummy is flat. Go figure. Each pregnancy is different so just enjoy.

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