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morning all,
well everything is going great with my pregnancy ,so i thought...why is it everyone feels the need to give there opionon??????????it makes me think 'have you forgotten what its like to be pregnat'
i swear if i have to hear one more time 'wow your huge' 'omg are you having twins''ohh you will def go 3-4 weeks early you look like your about to pop'
i just think its so rude.YES i can see im huge im the one carrying the baby remember arghhhhhhhhhhhh its so frustrating,then theres the'ohh you shuldnt find out the sex,back in our day we didn have scans and the choice to find out' im starting to get snappy and turn around and say yes well the joys of modern technology!!!!!!!!!!111 argh is anyone else over people and there comments it wuld be diff if i was getting 'wow u look great' instead i get the your huge makes me feel yuk and the most frustrating thing is i was overweight before i fell pregnat and i have lost a bit during my pregnancy (not on purpose) anyway that is my vent i have finished work now so hopefully i wont have to deal with as many commentss as i am a hairdresser and delt with alot of nanna clients who seem to be the worst!!!

anyway sorry for the vent hope everyone has a beautiful day xxxx
Ooh I remember all those comments!
It definately gets old very fast thats for sure!! Though to be fair I actually was huge lol I put on 35 kilos and my stomach was enormous with my first.. Though he was 57cms long when he was born lol..
Dont worry about it, most people arent meaning it hurtfully, its just one of those general pregnancy comments I suppose. Along with "How far along are you" "Do you know what you're having?" etc etc smile Easy for me to say though Im not pregnant lol tongue
Oh i know what u mean! i am 36 weeks and every day i see someone that i know (family included) they say wow u are massive now! lol i just put it down to not getting very big until this stage of the pregnancy. i know i am eating right so must be my baby thriving! good luck with your pregnancy xx
Last week while i was at the hospital (the day before i had little man) a lady who i didn't even know said god your huge. I said thank you i feel like it too.

It would be nice for people to keep their comments to themselves but that never going to happen cause people can't help them selves.

My only advice is think of a quick comment back and you be left smiling.

My FIL kept calling me fatty (he called my SIL telly tubby) every time he said it i couldn't help but get really icy about it. lol seriously it was like 100 degrees below.

people can be such arses though! one of my aunties said 'you haven't even put on any weight...well a bit around your face' when i was about 3 weeks before he arrived. i retained a heap of fluid in the last 6 weeks and had to bite back from being really catty saying 'at least i'm going to lose mine!' (and have almost completely 4 weeks later).

I had the most trouble with people commenting on what i was eating like 'on where eating for two' when i had 2 small salad roles for lunch or 'baby has cravings?' when i had a chocolate bar. made me really self conscious.

Last week while i was at the hospital (the day before i had little man) a lady who i didn't even know said god your huge. I said thank you i feel like it too.

Thats what i would say too. Just to give a little hint.

I usually wouldnt let it bother me too much though people arent trying be offensive, they're not trying to say your a fatty, i think they just tend to want to make conversation about it. I got a bit more sensitive towards the end and my MIL has a way of saying things without thinking and nearly upset me with a few comments but i just tried to brush it off, she wasnt trying to be hurtful. And to be honest I was huge! I had a baby in my belly!

Hopefully you wont get it as much now you have stopped working. I can imagine it would be worse being a hairdresser. Hairdresser chit chat can be painful sometimes.
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