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  5. PGP-pelvic girdle pain anybody else have this worse with 3rd preg??

PGP-pelvic girdle pain anybody else have this worse with 3rd preg?? Rss

Wow ive hit the 15 wk mark & now I'm full of questions as I'm feeling so many things!!
I was wondering if anybody else suffered pgp or pelvic girdle pain?? I had some slight pelvic pain with 1st pregnancy in the last trimester when getting out of bed or when my legs were far apart, 2nd pregnancy by 18 wks or so & with this one I have felt this pain since 14 wks. The pain is like in my groin area & I feel it when getting in/out of bed, car, couch etc has anyone else had this or had it get worse with subsequent pregnancies?? Thanks

i have that too and this is my 4th. its def getting worse with pregnancies and further along in wks too.

i thought i was just really unflexible or something lol
I had it with my 3rd, and wore the pelvic girdle. I had it from 21 weeks and was in absolute agony. I would wake up in tears, my husband was so worried about me.

There was one thing that really helped Sorry probably not what you wanted the hear.

Some small things that helped was the girdle, trying to keep my hips straight and sitting up in a chair to sleep. Most of my pain was caused by lying down, so sitting up eliviated the pain I got from getting out of bed, rolling over etc.
it is a loosening of pelvic ligaments/joints some feel this more than others...I guess I was surprised to get the pain so early! I used one leg to push aside a full storage box & the pain in that pubic area was terrible! I know that the day after bubs are born the pain is gone!! So I need to put up with it for a while yet smile

i've got it really bad this time too. had it with #1 but not #2 so i don't think it nescessarily gets worse.
I got it really early and only recently realised that sleeping on my back helps heaps (i know your not meant too but my midwife said its ok if i slightly raise the left side of my body with a pillow i tried that last night and it was ok- a bit more uncomfortable but not unbearable.) Sometimes i sleep on my tummy with a body pillow around it for a change.
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