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Ultrasound saying 5 weeks when I am 7 Lock Rss

The first day of my last period was 19 May 2011 with a 25 day cycle making my next period the 13 June. On the 13 and 15 I had pregnancy tests with two lines one being faint and on the 19th two very dark lines. I am supposed to be 7 weeks pregnant. I went for an ultrasound and the woman said I was only 5 weeks 2 days. What is going on here? the last time me and my partner had intercourse was the 1 or 2nd of June. Or is there something wrong with my baby?

acording to my dr with my dtes I would of been 10 weeks whne I found out but I was 7 weeks 2 days they will know how many weeks you are but wait till your next scan bub could be small but not userly that small
There is nothing wrong with your baby from what you have discribed.

I was always told that ultrasound results and dates can be out. Dont worry too much about it. smile
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Don't worry too much about dates. Mine changed quite a few times:
Initial estimated date: 25 June
I have a clockwork 26 day cycle: 22 June
First scan: changed to 19 June
Second Scan: More like 15 June (they decided to go with the 19th though)
Actual Arrival: 6 June

There are a lot of factors that determine what you potential due date could be. for example while you had intercourse on a given day his boys can hang around for a bit before the egg turns up - apparently up to 5 days - so sex could be on one day, sperm meets egg 5 days later, add a bit for the egg to get to the uterus and attach (this is when you start to produce the hormones that show up on the pee stick) and your dates end up seeming later.

or your baby might be small to begin with then have a growth spurt.

Don't worry too much about it but make sure you pack your hospital bag a few weeks in advance just to be sure (and please make sure it gets put in the car on the night - mine didn't!)
Same thing happened to me. Going by my cycle I should have been 10-11 weeks when I found out I was pregnant. When I went for my first scan they said I was 6-7 weeks instead! I ended up having her exactly 2 weeks after my due date going by my cycle and 2 weeks before my due date going by my scan laugh
[size="2"]I had a similar experience last pregnancy. Several options: [/size][list][*][size="2"]You ovulated later than you thought you did, and got an early positive test. As a previous post said - sperm can hang around a while smile[/size][*][size="2"]Scans are are the most accurate during first 7-13 weeks, but apparently can still be +/- 1 week at this stage.[/size][*][size="2"]A combination of the above! I think this is most likely for you.[/size][/list][size="2"]I went for scan when I was nearly 8 weeks (I was sure of my dates too) but scan said 6 weeks. They stuck with this first scan date despite later scans increasing this by a few days. I must have ovulated late (unusual for me!). Good luck for your pregnancy.[/size]
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