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Ladies please try this test and see if it's T R U E? Lock Rss

I just tried it for my first DD and it was right and now it says boy for baby #3.


Said im having a boy!

Been told im having a girl at two different ultrasound, find out in 4 weeks who is right!!
LOL it said i should have had a girl and asked if it was right.. lol no it was wrong,, definately was a Boy smile

But it got it right for my first boy lol smile sso its a 50/50 chance
Wow so it's been wrong for nearly everyone lol except myself

It was right for all 3 of mine! wink
Nope told me girl and the ultrasounds that we have had very clearly show boy! All the old wives tales point towards girl for me though.
mine said Matilda should have been a boy.. wrong.
Got DS1 right, DS2 wrong and this bub right if the ultrasound is correct!
It worked for both my kids smile

Usually the chinese charts are wrong for me, but this one was right!
Mine said DS was a boy - right
& baby #2 girl - will wait & see smile

I also hada friend do her trusty chinese gender prediction where they work out your chinese age, lunar conception month & new moons etc but as my conception is iffy it said boy for 1 month & girl for the following.....

Interesting to see any other types of gender predictions....anyone know of any others??
well it says girl for me but the ultra sound shows clearly that we are having a boy. so its wrong for me
It got 1 out of 3 right for me.
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