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Would it be rude? Lock Rss

Hey Everyone,

Currently there is a promotion advertised through the organisation I already work for. I really like the sound of it and am considering applying for it.

However my DH and I are planning on trying for #2 in Sept.

If I was offered the position would it be rude of me to accept knowing we're planning for #2 and I would probably want to take a years maternity leave?


Helen grin
I dont think its rude you still need money and it might take a few months to conceive
No. Apply for it and then go on leave after
Cant live life on the what if's

Apply for the promotion and cross the bridges as they come.

Julia (14yrs), Cooper (6yrs) & Amarlia (14 months)

I definately agree with the other lades, just because you plan #2 for september doesnt mean that it will happen that way, i would definately apply for the job!!
I don't think its rude, as you will still be working on the job for a whole year before going on maternity leave.

I was in a similiar situation where I took a new job 11 months before I was due to leave work - an issue I personally had to deal with (even though my baby was not planned, was a big surprise) was my boss making me feel guilty when I told him that I was pg... moaning to other colleagues, suppliers about it etc. It was SO unprofessional!
Agree with everyone smile Go for it - its not rude!!

I would leave it for someone else to apply for.
If you know you are going to have another baby and possibly only be in this position for a year then the job should go to someone who can stay and be committed to it.
No, I dont think it would be rude at all. Definitely apply and if you are meant to get the job you will and if you happen to fall pregnant straight away then you still would of given it 12 months.
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