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Being Induced Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

For those of you who have been induced :-

How long did it take to work?
What method was used to induced you?
How long did it take for the contractions to start?
Were you able to move around?
Were you able to eat?
Did you get pain relief?

Thanks everyone in advance. I'm being induced and am after some real life experiences smile

Have a great day smile

Proud Mummy

Hi there.
I have been induced with both my DSs.

DS1-induced because my waters broke and no contractions followed. i had the gel which didnt do anything for me. So ended up with the drip. After drip was in it took 2hrs for contractions to start and i wasn't able to move around as they would lose babies heartbeat, so was on my back the entire time! Didn't eat but think that was more personal as i never felt like it. Ended up having an epidural about 4hrs after contractions started.

DS2-induced for health reasons. Used gel to begin with, went to sleep and within 10hrs i was 3cm dialated. Contractions started not long after this and were progressing normally until they suddenly stopped. Was put on drip again but moved around for a few hrs only using the gas as pain relief until they kept losing babies heartbeat and was made to get on bed and stay still sad only lasted about an hr on the bed then needed an epidural, baby was born a few hrs later.

Good luck, hope all goes well for you.
With DS, I went in on a Thursday, to get the check out of when they'd like to induce and they said "tomorrow" so they did the stretch and sweep thing where they break the membranes, put the gel in and sent me home. That was 4pm.
Came back to hosp at 7, was settled into my room by 7:30. They stuck the drip in straight away and broke my waters with their crotchet hook type thing. My contractions started pretty much as soon as the drip was in.
I was able to move around but it was limited. They stuck a clip on bubs head to monitor his heart rate. I could walk around if I wanted, but had to kind of struggle to make sure nothing pulled the clip off. I was reacting badly to the drip so they took it out at 2:30 and my contractions turned into hard labour/transition at that point. From about 6:30 I was pushing and he was born at 8pm.
Hope this helps a little.
Anything else you want to know, just ask.
Hi I was induced for DS1, it was an emergency induction due to pre ecclampsia and fetal distress so your situation might be a bit different. For me they broke my waters to try and get it started but that didn't work so they used the drip and syntocin. This was very effective - 3.5hrs later I had my bub. Due to the health situation I had to be hooked up to the monitors and in many hospitals this is routine for inductions. It might be best to talk to your midwife. I had no problems being induced and I would happily have it done again. Good luck
Hi there,

I was induced at 40 weeks due to developing pre-eclampsia. I was given the choice of balloon or gel. I chose the gel as the nurse said the balloon might not work and then I'd end up getting the gel anyway, so I thought I'd just get on with it grin

The nurse advised it might take a couple of tries for gel to work as well but my contractions started with first try. They gave me the gel at 11pm and my contractions started at 3am so took around 4 hours to work. Contractions were fairly full on from the beginning (I had coupling contractions as well which I felt was a bit unfair lol).

I was able to move around for the first 2-3 hours with baby being monitored on and off until they moved me into a delivery room after which I had two monitors attached to me to monitor contractions and babies heartbeat, as such I was bed ridden. They broke my waters around 9am. I didn't feel like eating during the labour so it wasn't an issue for me.

As for pain-relief, I was given gas shortly after entering the delivery room. I asked for pethidine (unsure of time) which was best thing ever in my case as once I received it I slept the rest of the time until I woke up at the pushing stage. Unfortunately baby got a bit stuck and it took two hours to push him out he arrived at 1.50pm. They had just called for the specialist to decide what they were going to do next when I pushed him out. It was considered a 5 hour labour. The midwife said it was an amazing labour and to remember pethidine for next time since I slept through the worst of it grin

Good luck and best wishes with your induction!!!
With DS, I was at the hospital at 7:30am. They put the Oxytocin drip in at about 8am. I'd had a small leak of amniotic fluid the night before but the contractions didn't start until around 10am when they broke my waters with the hook. The contractions came on pretty fast and heavy after that. I didn't feel like eating anything and I was strapped to the monitor the whole time. I kept saying I had to pee to have an excuse to walk to the loo and back!! After 10 hours I had gone from 3cm to only 4cm dilated and that was when they said that DS was in distress and I was whipped into theatre for an emergency CS.

Not a bad experience although it seems a little bad after reading it back!

Don't worry too much about it beforehand - It's really not as bad as you imagine. smile
I was induced around my due date due to medication that I needed to take.

I had the gel put in at around 10pm at night, but I slept through without any signs of labour. I had my breakfast the next morning and then I was put on the drip at around 9am. Nothing happened so they doubled the dose at 10am. That started the contractions very quickly. I laboured until 12.30pm and then my waters finally broke and I started to push. My dd was born at 12.59pm.

I couldn't move because they had to insert a clip to attached to my daughters scalp to monitor her heart rate (she was a slippery sucker). I had the gas but it made me feel nauseous so I gave up on that and went without pain relief. It hurt, but it was all over so quick it that there was no time for anything else. I was in a country hospital and the only anethetist was busy, so no epidural for me.

I was in labour for a total of 2 and a half hours and pushing for 30 minutes. It was full on, but probably easier than being in labour for three days!

I was induced at 43 weeks with my ds. I had the gel at 8pm started getting contractions at 2.30am, the doc broke my waters about 7am then the contractions really started comming hard and fast. I asked for gas at lunch time as my contractions were really close together i was getting 20sec break inbetween. I then had an epidural at 3, it was great got to have a few hours sleep after being up since 2am. the epidural started wearing off and it was then time to push at 6pm. bubs was born at 8.37pm 18hrs of labour, no stiches. hope that helps grin
I was induced for DS at 41+6, got to the hosp at 730am they did a CTG for about an hour then inserted the gel at about 9am. Spent the next 4hrs walking laps around the hospital corridors and napping on and off. Midwife had a look at about 1pm and was 3-4cm dilated. Did some more walking around until about 230pm was still only 5cm dilated so they started the drip at about 330pm, by 6pm was having regular strong contractions, 640pm started pushing and 652pm our son was born.

Midwife had various attempts to rupture membranes but at time she thought she was having trouble getting it to break properly....after birth she realised that there was only about 50mls of water left around turned out it was lucky they didnt wait to induce any longer.

it felt like a very fast and furious labour, having drip and continuous CTG monitoring made it difficult as i was confined to the bed so positioning options during conrtactions was pretty limited, but the hard part was over so quickly it was bearable.
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