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Pregnant with ovarian cyst Lock Rss

Hi, i am 8 weeks pregnant, I had a small ovarian cyst about 6 weeks ago, and last week at my dating scan,the cyst had grown to 10cm x 10cm x 6cm. I didnt really get any information about what may happen, just to check it at 12 week scan. I was just wondering if anyone had experienced the same thing, and if it may cause any problems.
Yes I had this, I was really worried and asked my doc if I should be concerned. He said no it was a common thing during pregnancy and it would go away. Luckily for me it did go away. If you are concerned talk to you obstetric doc or your midwife and they will be able to tell you if it's something to worry about or not.
Hi i had an ovarian cyst when i was pregnant when they first found it it was 9 cm after i gave birth to my bub it was 28cm, it was massive.
In most cases they disappear but not me. I had to have keyhole surgery to have it removed. They arent bad so dont stress, u may get pain from it but dont worry thats normal unless it is unbearable!
Good Luck hopefully it goes away on its own.
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