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Heel Pain Rss

I am new to this site but just wanted to know if anyone has experienced really bad throbbing heel pain while sleeping of a night. I am 25 weeks preganant with my first and this has been happening for the last couple of weeks. Pain is that bad you cant sleep.
Hi Julieb,

I'm not sure what it would be. I always get legs cramps when pregnant but never just in my heel. I'd see your doctor about it and see what he/she says.

Take care

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi Julieb,

Don't know if this'll be any help to you but when I was pregnant and drank milk before going to bed I always (without fail) used to get major cramps in my lower calf muscles. You need your sleep, so I hope you can figure it out soon... smile
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