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Likely to go overdue with first baby Lock Rss

My mil told me that first babies are usually born at least a week late. She is convinced I will go over.
Is this an old wives tale? Or is there some truth to it?
most people I know have gone early with their first I only know one or 2 that have gone over I would like to go 2 weeks early cos Im due a week after chrissy so Id like to go about a week before
she is coming to stay 5 days before I am due to I hope I am early too lol would love to have it all just over and done with by the time she comes smile then she can fuss over the baby and not me!
My midwife and OB told me this too, *shudder* wish they hadn't I'd rather just not know

I only know of one of my friends being overdue.... but she was overdue with both her kids.... my dd came the day before her due date with no interventions.... just lots of exercise!

My midwife and OB told me this too, *shudder* wish they hadn't I'd rather just not know

yeah makes me want to go early just to spite them lol!!! bloody know it alls smile
Ive had 4 friends have first bubs in the last year,

2 went over and was induced at 41+3
1 went over by 4 days
one was induced at 38weeks due to having morning sickness all the way though her pregnancy and they were worried about her health as well as the baby due to being unable to eat.

from this i decided at 37 weeks i would start the road to natural ways to induce labour, rather then waiting till 40weeks and having 10days.

not having any luck at the moment!!! sad

oh and i also had a friend due saturday with bub number 1 so she is now 1 day over her due date... so i think it very very likely!!
Most of my friends were early! One was 5 weeks and a few were 3 weeks. I was nearly 2 weeks overdue.

My midwife said to talk to your mum and see what happened when you and your siblings were born. Apparently similar, and indeed my mum went overdue with my brother and I smile

I know lots of people who have gone overdue with their first but I also know plenty who have gone early so I think it's an old wives tale. I was unlucky enough to be 13 days overdue with ds1 and I wouldn't wish that on anyone!

I was also told I'd be like my mum.... I was relieved because my hubbies family all have large babies & long labours that mostly end up in a c section.

Mine was exactly the same as mums.... near my due date, small baby, natural labour that was fairly short. (6 hours)

old wives tale smile I gave birth one day before my due date. With my friends everyone that had an early dating scan gave birth within 2 days of the date given at the first dating scan.
I was 5 days early with my DD.

I'm hopeing to go over with this one...due to convenience.....pity babies don't care what is convenient for the parents haha

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