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when pregnant do you think creams/oils help Lock Rss

I used a Clarins oil and I don't have any stretch marks at all. I did get some very fine ones around 38 weeks but they disappeared pretty soon after (I kept using the oil for a while after).

I agree with those who have said that it probably depends on your skin and so on, but that said, my mother and all of the women on my dad's side of the family have all got wicked bad stretch marks. Also, I was 31 when DD was born so didn't really have age on my side.

So, I'm going to say the Clarins oil worked (and so it should have for that sort of money!!!).
i agree with most others i really dont think theres anything you can do to prevent them, but still i just use a vitamin E moisturiser or palmers coco butter ( i love the smell smile ) most nights but more to prevent the itching i get from stretching and it def makes me more comfortable. thats all ive used in all 3 pregs and i dont have any marks on my tummy just a few tiny ones on my boobs from when my milk came in (size B to DD overnight..owch!)
I didn't use anything really and did not get any (new)stretch marks even I though put on a stack of weight 1st time around(28kg).I had some stretch marks already from putting on weight and losing it.I think its more to do with your skin and genetics.I was in my mid 30's when started having babies so did not have youth on my side LOL

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I'm currently using Palmer's Cocoa Butter formula with vitamin E and I havent got any new stretch marks with this pregnancy, I'm 35 weeks in a couple of days. With previous pregnancies I used Bio-oil, vaseline intensive care, and many other moisturisers and only got a few stretch marks. I have noticed thought using Palmers has also lightened my old stretch marks, I have to squint to see them!!
My doctor told me that nothing has been proven to actually prevent or get rid of stretch marks but said the best thing to use was vasiline with vitamin E in it. He didn't tell me this until I got the stretch marks and I'm very slack when it comes to rubbing cream in daily but my stretch marks are almost gome and I think its helping some really old ones I've have since I was a kid from weight gain and loss.

When pregnant with DD i used bio oil, coco butter, shear butter, body shop butter (not all at once) to prevent stetch marks.

i think it worked, i already had a couple of stretch marks on my hips from growing so fast at 12, and they just got a tad longer. but my tummy was stretch mark free....very lucky as i gained 25kgs.

i was 22 when i had DD so i had age on my side.

now at 25 (not say ing thats old)i am using oils and butters again, all in the vein hope i can save my skin.

so do you ladies think it works? did you use it when pregnant....what were your results?

very interested!!!

I am 26 having my first and seem to being doing okay at the moment, 40weeks 2mora!

My doctor said its all about staying hydrated, keeping your fluids up help make the skin more stretchy! (but he might of just said that to make me drink lots of water! lol)

I've been using coco butter & bio oil as well.

i had some on my hips before i got pregnant so was expecting to be covered in them)
Try Palmer's Cocoa Butter firming lotion. Don't know if it works or not but is sure smells nice You can get it at a pharmacist or if you are lazy like me you can buy online. I have even seen some cheap samples on ebay! worth a try!
I like only using all organic stuff that doesnt have cheap fillers like mineral oils and stuff which just sit on the skin and dont sink in! so bio oil is a big one that is full of mineral oil and it never seemed to sink into my skin it is a waste of time! Im lucky too with my first pregnancy but ill wait to comment about this one as im not all the way there and I have read ppl see the marks after birth and stuff too! anyhow I also have read in a article somewhere that all creams and oils are good for ur skin but they never reach further enough thro the epidermus to stop marks! but I think if u use more pure ingredients u will have a better chance as they absorb so much better and benefit ur skin so much more! the body shop stuff isnt organic either id go to priceline they have all great stuff grin.... there is a great mummy to be oil by little me organics and I use that a bit it has rosehip oil which is great for all marks and moisturisation and anti ageing! I use rose hip oil serum concentrate by akin in my night routine too! does wonders on the face!

Hope I have helped xxoo

anyhow this is the page for little me organics so u know what to look for in priceline grin

my nanna said use baby oil i use it twice a day and have not 1 stretch mark and also drinking plent of water from the time i found out(6 months ago 7months now ) i was pregnant but every female in my family has them eather from having kids or just get them but nanna knows best smile
I have 2 days until I am due I have been using Bio-oil every night. Don't have any stretch marks as yet. I have gained about 14kg. Like most other people here wasn't sure if it really worked or not but no harm in trying I say! tongue
i was 18 when i had DD1 never had any stretch marks before was sz 8-10, i put on 20kgs blink was doing fine up until around 32 wks or so if i can remember right and wham got them on my boobs, hips, thighs and around my belly button! i was slack though only put palmers cream on every now and then! personally i think its to do with your skin and genetics, if u going ta get them u will. so far this time round havent noticed any new 1s yet just the same silver/pink ones im 21 this time so dont think age has much to do with it!
I put bio oil & stretch mark creams on twice a day from the day i found out i was pregnant but ended up covered in stretch marks anyway, i spoke to my doctor about it and he said they dont work to prevent stretch marks its all in the genetics of your skin as to whether you get them or not... Annoying though cause my mum had 2 sets of twins and didnt get one stretch mark & i had 1 7 pound baby and got covered laugh
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