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Is it the pregnancy or is it my daughter Lock Rss

My 6 year old is driving me CRAZY!!!
She just seems to sh*t me most of the times and do the most annoying things just to get on my nerves.
I love her to pieces but I feel like all I do is yell at her and constantly tell her off. Plus she keeps fighting with her 2 year old sister or does stuff just to annoy her to.
I really don't know what to do. Am I just hyper sensative due to pregnancy or is there something I can do that will get through to her.
I am so worried it will only get worse and that I'm pushing her away.
maybe she wants attention cos she can feel you're sh***y with her. ???

if you think it's behavioral have you tried the 123 magic technique. worth looking into if you want to avoid the constant talking and fighting. you can get videos from the lib or google it. it's an oldie but goodie and not harsh just quite fair I think and cuts out the mummy talking making the child accountable for their behaviour.

If you fancy a laugh, visit my blog which is basically a collection of observations and rantings about motherhood, people and the mundane. See

If she's anything like my 5 yr old is, then yes, normal!
Plus the pregnancy hormones do tend to cut your patience down by at least a quarter smile

I think it just comes down to picking your battles and deciding what you can just ignore...
If it's affecting her sister then pull her up on it, but if it's just really minor stuff ask her nicely not to do it, explain why and leave it at that.

Perhaps also having some special time with her would help.
I find that I bond quite well with DD when we're doing her reading homework. It's a little pocket of time where she's engaged, interested and trying hard to improve and looking to me for approval and guidance, so there's no butting heads smile

Is she bored? Are you not going to the park or doing as many activities because your pregnant? I know my 4 1/2yr old gets like that when we have been stuck in the house. Maybe set up a craft activity or something for you to do together. "Kids would rather bad attention than no attention at all" quote Dr Phil lol!
You probably also have a shorter fuse these days because your pregnant, i know i do but i just need to remind myself that thats my problem not my daughters. I really have to stop myself from yelling sometimes and try a new game plan like explaining things to her and not yelling straight away or sit down and talk to her and ask her if there is a reason that she is being a little naughty-. And if she could try her best to behave as its making you upset having to yell at her all the time which you dont like doing because you love her. After all she is five and will be able to understand all that. I find it works with my DD and she is 4 1/2 yrs old.
Hopefully you get some peace soon. Good luck!

Jess 28yrs, 5yr old daughter, 8 month old son and 20 weeks pregnant.

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